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羅志祥 SPESHOW 精舞門MV.

the small boy inside is called 威利, quite zai one. haha. watch him here and here.

and the making:

diamond vs graphite.

Enthalpy of combustion Kcal/mole

Graphite 93.983
Diamond 94.437


The late late show.

omg. this is damn funny.

taro and the crane.

Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter called Taro. One day when he was passing by this bridge, he heard a painful bird’s cry. Taro looked up and saw a wounded white crane falling down from the sky onto the other side of the bridge. Taro went to look at the wounded crane. The crane’s wound was very deep and was dying.

Taro took the white crane home, hoping he coud heal it. Very soon they came upon Taro’s home. Taro laid down the crane and pondered on how to heal it. Seeing the crane in so much pain, he gave the crane water to drink. Under his loving attention, the crane got well at last. Very often the crane would fly around Taro’s head and made him very happy. But suddenly the crane flew away. When it came back it gave taro a bean. When Taro took the bean, the crane flew away and never came back.

Taro didn’t know what to do with the bean. Unconsciously, Taro came to the bridge again. All of a sudden, a very beautiful girl appeared before him. The 16-year-old girl soon married Taro. So Taro and Sakurako married and lived very happily. As for the bean, it turned out to be a cocoa bean. Sakurako taught Taro to make delicious chocolates with the beans. Later, they sold the chocolates, which became very popular. Taro started to make a good living and they were very happy. Even so, they still went out to cut wood everyday. But the happiness did not last. One day, lightning struck Taro and he fainted. When he woke up, his beloved Sakurako was no longer there.

The chocolate became Sakura’s Lovre Chocolate. (i guess it’s a brand of chocolate)

(omg. this story got no plot. haha.)

the aeroplane show.

there’s a chem mcq paper later at 230pm but im totally not in the mood the exam lah. it’s like as if As is over!! haha. i dunno. i spent the whole of yday playing, thinkin tat this whole irritating thing is over. haiyo. must celebrate today!! okay lah. there’s s paper. but heck lah. shall think abt it again when nxt wk comes. yay.

so now my aim in life is to look forward to the aeroplane show. last time it used to be lookin forward to wkends for the computer show and now it’s everyday for the aeroplane show!! haha.

so my favourite characters are the tong family. haha. the sam issac phillips and mother(wat’s her name? haha.) they are damn farnee lah. in yday ep, issac demanded for 21 presents becos his father did not give him any for his 21yrs in life, so his dad got him those capsule machine cos inside got 21 diff kinds of capsules. haha. damn dumb.

and tat day when i saw aileen i was like ‘aileen~ u got watch the aeroplane show? (excitedly)’ and aileen’s ans was ‘a bit lah. not very nice like tat.’ haha. then she continued, ‘so u like the good looking one or the nerdy one? aiyah. i bet u like the nerdy one.’ sigh. haha.

okay lah. sam is like the typical Law By Law (LBL) kind of guy tat jasmine hates. haha. he’s quite LBL lah. when he drives, he drives slowly cos it’s safer tat day. he’s always early for work, then everytime the rest of the tong family joke he will say sth very practical lah. haha. and issac is totally opp. but tat’s why it makes the two of them so farnee.

anw, sam is acted by francis ng, issac by ron ng and philips by Shek Sau(石修).


from wikipedia.

ie7 have been out for some time already right? haha. i only installed it um a while ago. haha. cos my avg was going to expire so i tot i might as well update all the stuff in my comp. those antispyware programmes since im rather free now.

and i realised, there’s ie7. already. haha. since half a yr ago i already gave up on ie6. cos it looks very crammed, and all the security issues. so i switched to mozilla. tabbed browsing ah. better security ah. and of course my fav, extensions and themes.

get a shock at ie7 if u have always been an ie user. but not so much if u are a mozilla user. ie now is much cleaner. optimising around 90% of ur screen space. there’s tabbed browsing. and add-ons. but no themes. sigh.

it kinda came as a surprise lah. cos im not really hoping much out of ie7. but yup. surpass my expectations.

so maybe u can try it too. download from microsoft website.

(cleartype is supposed to make the words look clearer right? why does my fonts now look blurrer instead? haha. i went to tune it already. still liddat. maybe i need to get used to it. hmm.)