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sTh To PoNdEr..

got from heidigly’s combined blog..

i find smiles are fake. i finally know why chinese is so close to heart.was reading some chinese stuff and it talks about how everyone wears a mask,so much so that you and the people around you forget your ownself.everyone is constantly moving about in between a virtual world and a real one.one day,even yourself will be confused with which worlds are you in.when you try to peel off your mask and start figuring things out,that’s when all the pains set in cos you’ll realise most of the time you’re not real,even to your family memebers (that’s the saddest part i felt) cos you’re just showing them your mask.for people who never knew there exists a virtual world,they seem happy.but isnt it just an irony in life? that’s when i begin to ask myself,what’s the point of living when everyone including yourself is fake?isnt everyone living in self-deception?it’s sooo sad that we have to act for our entire life.

i hate this but i cant change.. i hate myself..


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SpOrE iDoL..

yeah.. spore idol yday was great!! coz everyone i like went into de last round!! olinda cho.. david yeo.. n christopher michael lee.. i think they can really sing very well.. n pink shirt ah beng david yeo!! he very shuai loh.. remind me of li bing xian.. look so chang sang.. n he sing tat ‘on de wings of love’.. arh.. chao nice.. actually first episode i started noticin him liaoz.. when he still wear pink shirt..

n de olinda a lot of ppl say she look very ‘butch’.. but i dun mind.. i think her singin is really gd loh.. she is second on my list..

n third is christopher lee!!! he sing very well too.. but i hate him smilin so much.. maybe shd minus de no. of times..

n by de look of havin 4 blogs i noe tat is tokin abt david yeo.. i think he’s gettin in!!! yeah~~ nxt wk i’m going to support him.. n my fren cynthiagly is also supportin.. yipee~~~

n susilo lost.. 😥 this is sad.. li jia wei must jia you le.. susilo is damn pro loh.. juz tat he’s stressed.. poor guy.. his medal fly away liaoz..

nice song.. coz pris wrote de lyrics out today.. this song is great loh.. lyrics very true.. but old song lah..

恋人未满 – s.h.e(女朋友) – 女生宿舍


为什么只和你能聊一整夜 为什么才道别就又想再见面

在朋友里面就数你最特别 总让我觉得很亲很贴

为什么你在意谁陪我逛街 为什么你担心谁对我放电

你说你对我比别人多一些 却又不说是多哪一些

友达以上恋人未满 甜蜜心烦愉悦混乱

我们以后会变怎样 我迫不及待想知道答案

再靠近一点点 就让你牵手

再勇敢一点点 我就跟你走你

还等什么时间已经不多 再下去只好只做朋友

再向前一点点 我就会点头

再冲动一点点 我就不闪躲











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