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very long nv blog liaoz hoh.. coz very busy like tat leh.. esp tat stupid grad nite.. how i hope nice n cheap clothes can fly to me instead of me huntin for them..

yah.. n i missed 2 episodes of my cute bao gong! Black cute little bao gong with a moon Moon 2 on his head.. haha.. he has no xing ji but he is very clever!! but becoz of bintan n i cant rmb why i nv watch this wk one, i missed 4 whole hrs of my cute bao gong!! i bet he already solved de previous case liaoz.. n i like de previous case.. i dun wan cute little bao gong to grad so fast!! coz his classmates all super funny one.. n got one xing ji very zhong.. forgot his name.. he’s called cao tang in liu mang tai yi? i think so.. although bao gong is acted by er xin zhou jie.. tat er kang.. but he really too cute in de show le!! haha..

now even got part 3 loh.. yeah.. i wanna watch.. but part 2 is not by zhou jie.. yucks.. so not nice.. actually part 3 also not zhou jie.. sigh..

n i’m sneezin a lot nowadays.. those hu are thinkin abt me can think less? coz keep sneezin is very mah fan!! haha.. so bu yao lian.. how arh.. keep sneezin.. must be yueting’s soft toys Teddy Bear Sheep .. i allergic..

haha.. went to find info at this show n this stupid website de google go n translate chinese to english.. n they are mad loh.. zhou jie = week outstandin.. haha..

n i miss yang men nu jiang too!! lian kai is very cute inside.. dunno why i dun like de main character.. i like him.. coz he really very funny n cute!! if u forget is hu, he is tat servant of de family.. de very man one.. yah.. even de endin song is for him one loh.. not for other character.. like de strange darren lim.. he weird weird inside de show..


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yday went to see mayday i PS.. right after bintan trip.. actually i dun wan to go liaoz.. coz my knee hurtin.. for sleepin in a sitin position.. but in de end also go liaoz.. live performance.. very hard to see artistes perform ‘live’ nowadays.. n today i finally went to check out de lyrics of ‘la ji che’.. haha.. sound like me!! maybe i’m not so gd in ren3.. but well.. i can ren3 to a certain extent too.. so it’s me!! haha..

垃圾车(朋友版) – 五月天 – 神的孩子都在跳舞

虽然你脾气坏 对待朋友又差 凸槌又更爱牵拖

佳在你遇到我 不爱计较的我 算你坏人有好命

我走路你坐车 你吃饭我洗碗 你被欺负我拼命

若为了爽到你 可以艰苦到我

因为咱缘分不可散 有你我才未孤单

有你的陪伴 我才有靠山

你若不爽 我是你的垃圾车

每天听你的心声 有你我才未孤单

有你的陪伴 我才有靠山

若欢喜我是你的垃圾车 每天听你唱歌





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Yippee last 3 of SI: sly, oli & taufik.. like wat everybdy is expectin.. it didnt go as de pattern of guy girl guy girl.. last wk leandra this wk is daphne.. this shows tat everyone is makin an effort to vote.. a clap for u all.. i also voted lah.. one each for oli sly n taufik.. oli becoz she wasnt irritatin this wk n she sang really well! de coco lee song.. taufik becoz i’ve been supportin him for very long.. yday wasnt too bad lah.. but didnt really shock me.. sly is becoz i’m shocked! his rendition of an jing is better than i expected! ken said his yao zi was better than jay’s but tat’s de way to do it wah.. yday sly sing until a bit like ji teh ji teh.. coz he sang word by word.. actually most ppl hu sang jay’s song clearly sound strange.. daphne sound so angmoh when she sang ni yao de ai! so strange loh.. i dun really understand wat she is singin..

like wat i wish.. daphne is out.. but i shdnt sound bad n celebrate when she’s out.. she is juz oe step to spore indoor stadium.. hmm.. but well.. de performance at spore indoor stadium will be great! all 3 of them hav diff styles.. R&B, hip hop, rock, oli=?

juz now de sort of like mtv durin de result show was realy funny.. they sang mustafa by dick.. then oli said ‘oh, you naughty naughty’.. ‘u very naughty’ in de indian tone n my sis n i was like burstin in laughter.. haha.. so funny!! Too Funny it was not bad lah.. n de startin song was okie okie only.. coz tat song sound weird leh.. could only rmb oli n daphne sang de wo ai ni part quite well..

P.S. chrisypoo on how to hav white teeth like his.. haha..

Q: What kinda toothpaste do you use to make your teeth so white?

A: haha… its not the kinda of paste u use… its how u brush ur teeth. do the up down motion, not the side to side one 😛 from your gums… brush down lightly yeah. And gargle with water after every meal! And see the dentist regularly lar!

go learn from him! Laughing To Myself

3 cheers to JJ from maia..

Q: Who’s the IDOL in your life and why?

A: My inspiration is JJ Lin. It is through all his hard work that he made it this far. I wanna be like him. He seems such a perfectionist, and I admire people who are determined. And he’s very down-to-earth. To see him being a normal kid like us, to stardom really gives me that extra boost to tell me I can make it too.

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It's About Time

finally.. ppl in spore idol are singin chi songs.. k lah.. not tat i expect them to sing.. but juz sick of listenin to them singin english sogs every wk.. n daphne is singin ‘wo yao de ai’.. why cant she choose a horrible song.. by choosin this song sure got more ppl vote for her.. now is like confirm last 2 are taufik n daphne liaoz.. bad.. oli cant really get votes from ppl.. sly’s fans are not really votin.. inside news.. heard every wk is like only 7000 ppl vote.. so by juz makin One vote can make a diff.. go vote for taufik n kick Daphne out..

<– somehow this look like david..

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shark tale..

Movie Reels went to watch shark tale yday.. it was given only Star Star Star .. but i saw de makin of de show on ch5 n realised actually it’s not bad.. so went to watch with my frens.. at cine there.. cant really say it’s hilarious but there are parts which are funny.. de story is quite expected one.. but cartoon mah.. all are de same.. de thing is.. all de charcater really look like those hu are doin de voice.. quite cute..

i like de show actually.. uz feel very happy after watchin.. was freezein in de cinema.. but it’s still nice.. it’s worth ur money.. n de ppl hu did de voice all did a great voice..

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robbie william’s angels juz keep runnin thru my head.. i cant forget tat song!! but not bad lah.. i like tat song..

yday was watchin ‘searchin for my polestar’ again..


actually de plot isnt very very nice.. coz there isnt anything tat is very very attractive like other jap shows such as hero n overtime.. de plot is quite normal.. juz narratin de lives of de few ppl.. but it tells a great story.. abt this 7 frens from de same cca in their university.. then de stories continue abt their life after U.. there’s one guy hu still believed they are frens.. but de other 6 all changed.. thinkin they can nv be frens liaoz.. coz they are too diff!!

they changed after grad.. one guy was engorssed in work.. one wanted to be a pri sch teacher but nv got her dream.. one lived a life sellin fish.. one juz engrosed in earnin money.. one juz engrossed in love.. another under de pressure of marriage.. no one can understand each other.. n they were no longer such close frens liaoz..

other than story, there are eye candies (hey hey..) to look out for.. ito hideaki n sakaguchi kenji.. think i’ll still continue to watch de show.. see wat happens..

ito hideaki got one jap movie goin to show in cinemas.. umizaru.. looks nice.. n somemore de theme song is ‘open arms’.. haha.. yeah.. Way Too Happy

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Nice today is de first time i’m listein to chris lee singin ‘angels’.. coz i missed his performance de last time.. my fren was tellin me he sang really nice.. so i was lookin forward to today’s performance.. hey not bad.. i like it.. though there are times when it sound weird here n there.. it’s not bad..

n today is de first time when i paid attention to de lyrics of ‘yuan meng de xiao xiong’ by liu jia.. coz most of de time i juz listen.. nv pay attention of de lyrics.. quite a lot of ppl say it’s vey touchin.. today i went to watch de mv online.. n realised.. it’s quite touchin de..Tears

btw.. mayday’s -神的孩子都在跳舞- cd is out!! their 5th album liaoz.. heard 2 songs.. de jue jiang n sun wu kong.. all not bad.. go http://www.imayday.com/ to check it out..


曲:任中强 词:任中强 编:六甲乐团











等病好一点 爸爸带你环游世界

下了决心 旅行迪斯奈乐园









等病好一点 爸爸带你环游世界 (牵着手 下榻每一个地点)

下了决心 旅行迪斯奈乐园 (许了愿 等着我们去实现)

等病好一点 爸爸带你环游 世界(不要怕 梦想离我们不远)

下了决心 旅行迪斯奈乐园 (许了愿 我们一定会实现)









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