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how to make me..

How to make a yishu

5 parts mercy

1 part courage

5 parts energy

Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lovability


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support liu jia!! their music is not bad.. yday went to tampines mall to see them.. bo lang bo lang like tat.. but not bad lah.. becoz bo lang then can see them closer.. n can do anything on de stage.. though i did nth to them.. dun dare to hug them lah.. all de fans hug them loh.. n only yday i realised xiao xiang (2nd guy from right) look like niu nai!! haha.. he look like skinny niu nai.. n DDWho (guy on left standin) somehow look like xu shao yang.. but support liu jia!! coz they are not bad.. haha..

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super funny!! haha.. xiao zhu can really imitate jay..

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i wanna read “The Adventures of The Mad Chinaman “!!! it sounds like a very entertainin bk.. n if u rmb watchin livin with lydia n tat dick preferred to be called richard.. coz his real name is richard!! didnt noe why he changed though.. n he is delievered by benjamin sheares.. so dua.. i also dunno hu delievered me.. n actually dick lee noe ken lim for very very long liaoz.. even before mac hse[?] was bombed.. dick can play bass.. ken can play drums.. they also form a band before..

if u think dick is dua.. go check out ken.. he is so erm.. super?!! go see wat he had done before.. he started his career in 13? when i was tat age, i was only tryin to learn de diff btw de LT n de music rms so tat i dun get lost.. n to struggle with lit..

oh yah.. n tat’s lots of ppl sayin dick lee is gay? but last time when i went for de recordin he was like tryin to eat florence’s tou fu like tat loh.. i dunno.. but lookin at him keep strokin her hair is erm.. yah..

actually i’m inspired to write all these becoz i accidentally went to this blog.. hey.. if u are readin now.. go tag!! first time i see someone so passionate over teachers than when i was in pri sch.. readin her blog reminds me of my past.. ah ho arh? where are u arh? de one hu like green n pigs.. hoi.. missing!!

she like kuogly[ahem..] n tokgly.. rather strange.. n also dick n ken lah!!

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this world is real tiny.. actually wanted to find blogs tokin abt SI n hey.. found a blog n tat person likes dick lee [she thinks he look like andy lau] n ken lim.. oh man.. wat shocked me was she like de guy with de same name as my jr.. oh man.. jian gui le.. still dunno? go ask my cca mates which jr. hav de same name as another person.. falala.. i’m sayin too much..

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i missed bintan.. actually to think of it, i like it there.. n i felt like a glutton there.. coz they are slower than us by one hr.. when it’s like 7 in spore it’s only 6 in bintan.. no one is hungry yet in bintan but we are already hungry!! haha.. n by like 6 30 in bintan, de sky is already all black.. man.. i missed de feelin of tat place.. their sand are super small.. it feels very smooth!! playin mahjong all night.. though i nv lah.. i slept a while.. n to sit in buggy is also very fun!! got sea sick on my way there.. but i slept all de way back.. cant say tat it’s a very chong shi trip.. but it’s still not bad lah..

juz now went to read yueting’s entry.. haha.. it’s so entertainin.. n sound 100 times more fun than how i described it.. yah.. n i wan to drive buggy leh.. tat time dun dare coz everyone like so sianz liaoz.. n not straight road.. i dun like.. in de end nv drive.. hey.. but drivin at 16 only in spore damn cool leh.. didnt try..

reminded of de photo we took at de beach.. this sort of back face de camera n everyone jumped up high high.. tat kind of really free~~ kind of feelin.. too bad me n yueting’s reaction too fast.. before everyone jump, we jumped.. yah.. so de photo is everyone jumpin n we landin liaoz.. bad timin.. n we made a sea wall there.. haha.. so dumb.. actually we started out wantin to help joy build a sand castle.. but de water keep destroyin it.. so we tot of makin a wall to protect it.. in de end everyone came to help this sea wall.. haha.. very dumb but very fun..

dinner was indian buffet.. sigh.. i’m a glutton.. shi li le.. n they make nice teh tarik!! n we made sam drink all de left over water until she became drunk.. haha.. so funny loh.. her face turned red n kept wanting to drink more water.. ‘wo hai yao..’ haha..

yah.. n more dumb things happen at de mahjong rm.. izzit with de bad ventalation tat made everyone mad? maybe.. yueting felicia and joy teamed up to make this wat king queen n concubine thing.. so dumb.. n they could not decide wat to throw durin de game..

anyone realised debbie dyed her hair? she actually dyed it blond durin de night in bintan.. but well.. it’s still black now..


n yday i was laughin while watchin news.. it’s abt ppl sendin letters to santa.. then there’s this little boy hu wrote: dear santa, can u ask de girls in pre-sch to stop kissin me? coz i dun like it.. ahaha.. funny wish..

tryin to learn pen spinnin.. super hard.. n my G2 like cant spin like tat.. one side heavier than de other..

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da zhang fu..

finished watchin da zhang fu.. cant say it’s nice lah.. it won golden horse award? but think de show a bit de act clever.. a kind of film maybe i’ll film.. a bit de ke yi.. coz eric tsang kept doin a lot of things he did in wu jian dao.. maybe usin it as a pun.. n de show is divided into this many parts.. like parts of a detective show.. well.. a bit spoil mood.. it’s interestin thing is tat it’s filmed in a way like a action film.. makin it comical.. de endin came as a surprise to me.. but maybe a too lao tao endin.. so also cannot excite.. think de highlight of this show is when timmy(hong tian ming, tension’s jimmy’s bro) came out!! haha.. i was like ‘yeah~~ yeah~~’ when he appeared for a mere 3 seconds.. but still quite fun..

wat i like is de ad for de nxt show.. princess d.. de show i dunno.. but de ad is great.. de atmosphere is there.. go check it out..

de 3rd guy quite shuai..

timmy lah..

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