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17 jan 2005 ST life

haha.. i love this article..

The good, the bad and the ugly

Sure, they’re nice to look at. But do good-looking people necessarily make good partners?

By Teo Pau Lin

THERE are two things that average-looking people like to say about good-looking people.

First, they’re probably dumb.

It’s pure injustice that they got more attention from parents and teachers when they were kids, and grew up to have more friends, landed better jobs, got promoted faster and married other good-looking people.

So we average-lookers like to spite them by hitting where it hurts. We say they’re stupid. We give them names like bimbo, air-head or muscle-brain.

After all, anyone so well-endowed in one department must be deficient in another. It’s Nature’s way of balancing things out.

Deep inside though, we know not all beautiful people are dumb. As hard as it is to stomach, some people do sickeningly possess both brawn and brain.

But it’s okay.

We average-lookers have one other grenade to lob against good-lookers, which brings me to point No. 2.

They make lousy partners.

I first heard it when my Mum warned me many years ago to stay away from good-looking boys. They’re trouble.

Last week, her sentiment was echoed in a friend’s mother, who also cautioned him against dating pretty girls. They’re trouble.

Mothers know things. They’ve been around longer than we have, so there must be some hard-earned truths behind their caution.

It makes sense too. Good-looking people will always attract attention from the opposite sex, even right up to a ripe old age.

When relationships grow stale or hit a bump, as they always do, they are likely to bail, given the tempting spread of hassle-free options outside.

Good-looking people are also likely to have had many prior relationships than average lookers.

Chances are, you’d have to grapple with the ghosts of their many ex’s past, possible entanglements with unresolved break-ups, even blows to your self-esteem when comparisons are made.

Used to being lavished with attention from previous partners, they could also be egotistical, high-maintenance and difficult to please. In other words, you’re the slave to their king or queen.

Of course, such behaviour is not the sole domain of good-looking people. Plain-lookers can also be masters of cheating, lying and all manner of despicable behaviour.

But the thing is, good-lookers are more likely to be lousy partners because they have more of what it takes to become one.

Sure, they’re great to look at and could make you the envy of your friends. But they’re probably not long-term material.

Guys seem to find it harder to resist good looks than girls.

My friend with the anti-pretty-girl mother tells me that all guys, without exception, go for looks.He says: ‘We’re made that way. A girl may have a good heart, but if she looks like a sack of potatoes, forget it.

But we girls are different. Call it innate wisdom or just the biological need to propagate the species, we go for guys who can provide and will stick around. Looks aren’t that big a deal.

I consoled him that, in Singapore at least, good-looking women far outnumber good-looking men. So there are many well-adjusted, level-headed women out there who offer both looks and quality.

Good-looking Singapore men? They’re hard to come by. So by sheer rarity in species, they are most likely to prove all mothers right.

I posed the good-looks-equals-lousy-partner theory to another friend, who disagreed vehemently.

‘Sometimes, ugly people are even more susceptible to straying because they’re not used to getting attention. So every time they get it, their heads swell and they’ll pursue it,’ he says.

Interesting thought.

I guess good looks is no barometer on whether a person will make a good or bad partner.

The real barometer is character.

Traits like honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty will keep a good-looking person decent, and make an average-looking person attractive.

That, more than anything, is the safest bet.


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B.A.D rawks lah..

tat day went to AJC watch BAD’s performance.. oh man.. it was so fun.. like wat felicia says of vjc lah.. it feels like home.. i was so high there.. waving to ppl n laughin like mad.. n felicia managed to get second row seats.. first row was fanclub lah.. haha.. so near to them.. when they came down de stage we were like 1 metre from them!! n there’s no crowd.. so i felt so lucky lah.. yah.. actually it’s geraldine’s fren hu managed to get us ac ppl tix.. then i saw soke yee n yu xin there.. haha.. super funny..

their dance moves were all so smooth lah.. n their singin rawks lah.. heh.. only tat danny was like covering his eyes all de time.. hmm.. but i think alex got de most fans lah.. coz dun think de ppl there really noe hu is BAD or wat.. but alex is like constantly wavin n dian-ing every single person.. his dian really works loh.. maybe becoz his eyes were real big.. as compared to ben beside him..

de highest part was after de thing.. we tot they gonna go liaoz n they started singin ‘zhe shou ge bu shi wo dian de’.. haha.. so funny lah.. de lyrics was like tellin us not to go.. n me n felicia were like runnin to get out.. coz we wanna go to van or wat to wait lah.. like wat we always do..

yah.. n later we went behind de audi to wait for them to come out.. actually everyone noe de way lah.. so there was a crowd.. but then danny peeped his head out from this window.. dunno whether it’s me or felicia hu found out.. btu then we waved to him lah.. so funny lah.. n everyone else couldnt recognise him [this shows tat they are not fans of BAD.. tsk tsk..] haha..

end of my crazy day at ajc.. i was so high till de night lah.. n all de way to de nxt mornin.. haha..i’m gonna be late for trainin liaoz!! k i end here.. haha..


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gao tian qi..

東山再起的MVP情人 高天騏






































【HOOP Style流行誌2005年1月號】

woa.. didnt realise he had been missin for 2 whole yrs already.. n think he changed a lot bah.. 2 whole yrs liaoz.. even yan xing shu looks so diff now..

tat guy in front is gao tian qi.. only he looks a little weird..

see his name there?

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actually i spent most of my orientation as being part of de backdrop.. n think i accidentally dao some of my og mates when sch started.. hey.. i didnt do it intentionally.. either i really didnt see u or juz tat i tot u were wavin to someone else.. but well.. i had a great time being with de grp n they will surely be part of my memory.. there is a grand total of 2 og meetin.. but i missed both.. with one reason or another.. argh.. but still a big thanx to all in echorwen.. echorwen rawks!!

presentin echorwen 2005 of olaundros [is this how u spell this?]..

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life still goes on..

yday was sji.. actually ppl wanted to pon it one.. but in de end quite a lot of ppl went lah.. de snr class is actully quite nice.. as wat i tot of de whole ac population.. stayed for like 20min only? rushed back to ac for bball tryout.. argh.. cheated my feelin.. it’s actually to play play one.. there’s another actual one.. but dunno whether sji is gd..

playin bball is fun lah.. but if got trainin it becomes like yucks.. coz i dunno leh.. now also got air rifle trainin too.. doubt i’ll get into sch team lah.. 140 ppl only 10 gets into sch team.. maybe goin back to dear av club.. join mrc or photographic club loh.. why cant they combine arh? then it’ll be like gd old days av club..

still countin days to friday everyday.. means i dun like my jc life? maybe..

i miss qiang wei zhi lian n kui (!!!) a lot.. still didnt get to watch my vol.4.. argh.. though i noe wat happen liaoz.. changin my song to hua dou kai hao le.. n vol.3 is still de best vol. among de whole serial.. toks abt a lot of things.. n make ppl think of many things tat happened..

everyone in this show looks scary.. ella n her scary hair.. zheng yuan chang in his even scarier long curly hair n silky night robe.. n huang zhi wei n his scary fake blue eyes..

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bloggin in acj now.. actually shdnt do this one.. coz lib cant play agmes with de comp.. but hu cares? muahaha~~ later got air rifle trainin.. dunno whether it’s trainin.. it’s juz wat they called it.. yday was dance audition.. argh.. dumb.. de ppl there were nice.. but de teacher was tat ny indian teacher sam tok abt.. damn scary.. but well.. but bin cao thruout de whole dance.. so i’m not in!!

waitin for bball tryouts.. hope can get in lah.. then see loh..

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