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hohoho.. it’s been a long time since i last blogged.. always had sth i mind but was too lazy to switch on de comp to do sth.. today shd be a gd day though.. results are out.. not very gd but not too bad.. it goes like this.. EL B3, combined humans A1, geog A2, maths A1, amaths A2, chem A2, phy A2, HCL A2.. all i can say is ‘ouch’ when i see my result slip.. de first thing tat came to me was i had quite some As.. but not many ones.. in fact very little.. n worse still.. my one n only pride chem i got an A TWO.. tat’s bad..

seems nice with tat 6distinction.. but in fact only with 2A1 n total aggre score of 11.. think i shd be goin back to ac.. but hey.. it’s a great place lah!! 🙂 haha.. really.. like how vj girls go ‘V-V-I-I-C..’ tat kind of sch pride.. n me n kai hui did warrior twice in sch today leh.. left go left go left right~~

n i went to watch jay’s vcd for de first time but de mv is de dunno how many times.. finally i’m understandin how he feels.. tat kind of i am a chi n i shd be proud.. but dun hate de blond feelin.. haha.. n dun detest other religions other than urself one.. when u get this kind of jing jie then u can really make great music tat can bai ting bu yan.. sch has a great impact.. haha..

i’m super high now lah.. haha.. juz feel like havin thrown down a rock i’ve been carryin for so long..

n i nearly cried durin givin out of result.. when they announced de 8A1s.. then realised my class has 2 ppl gettin it.. i was like ‘my class is so great!!’ haha.. wanna cry.. also dunno why.. but in de end nv lah..

sigh.. i sound so jia2 lao3 wai4.. oh no.. haha..

你说我像一个小孩 总爱让你猜
我说 你才像个小孩 总要我说才明白
有些事太快 失去了等待 障碍 没了期待
我们的爱 怎么才自然 每次沟通不来
就要离开 就说不要爱
我掉进爱情悬崖跌 太深爬不出来
下降的速度太快 来不及踏上未来
你的爱反复徘徊 打乱我的呼吸节拍
该怎么逃开 我控制不来
我掉进爱情悬崖 回想起你的可爱
傻傻的还在等待 以为你还会回来
你的脸慢慢离开 时间快将我掩埋
消失的太快 我负荷不来


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photo album..

go check this place out..


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bleh. chinese new year is over..so quickly.. pon sch on de third day of chiese new yr.. heh.. n was bombasted by ‘hoh.. u pon sch..’ when i went back to sch for idol in de evenin.. paiseh lah.. but i really haven pon sch yet in this 3mths before.. so juz pon on this great day.. went to queensway n shop with yue ting for my new bag.. i think it’s real nice.. but it’s supposedly for kids.. heh..

n there goes all my angbao money[then..] coz i receieved one this mornin.. which gives a grand total of 40bucks for my o-toshidama..

my comp is damn laggin now.. gonna blog later..

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ben, alex n danny.. 🙂

ahaha.. everyone has a past..

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i also wanna go LA to study leh.. jasmine’s sis is studyin in LA.. sian mu sian mu.. she’s like goin to uni of southern california? i wan!! UCLA a bit de too far fetched lah.. but maybe uni of southern calif. or calstate also can arh.. hmm.. second thing i hav no money.. gimme money!! n scholarship i no hope to get one lah.. so.. see first lah..

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Q: How many RJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: 4 whole faculties. One fac to design the newbulb,one fac to test it out, one fac to market it andone guy to write a stupid Email about lightbulbs.

Q: How many HCJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: The whole school…..to compete with RJC………

Q: How many VJC students does it take to change alightbulb?

A: The whole school…….one to screw it in andthe rest to cheer and wave flags and banners togive him/her support.

Q: How many NJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb??

A: None. They can study without light.

Q: How many AJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: They’re too busy trying to be one of the top 5JCs…

Q: How many ACJC students does it take to changelightbulb??

A: None……they use all their money to employYJC to do it for them. [ahahaha..]

Q: How many YJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: None…..only one teacher to tell them what alightbulb is in the first place and to demonstrate

Q: How many CJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: They’d prefer it darker……….[hmm..]

Q: How many JJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: None……Their physics is so bad that theymake the male teacher cry.

Q: How many TPJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: Would they bother??

Q: How many SAJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: None…..they believe in praying for it.

Q: How many NYJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: None…..they are still using oil lamps.

Q: How many SRJC students does it take to change alightbulb??

A: Huh, wat litebarb …

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woo.. gao tian qi again..

wah.. haha..

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