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😦 i’m depressed today.. juz feel very sad n tired today.. wanna slp.. n not to go to sch.. boo hoo.. slept durin chapel [actually i do tat every wk.. sorry~] but sigh.. today is a sad day lah.. dun feel like tokin at all.. oh no..

n i miss energy.. where are they arh? so quiet all of sudden.. like ren jian zheng fa.. hmm.. wanna see the dance..

so tired now.. but nvm lah.. very long since i had this wonderful feelin of tiredness tat makes u wanna slp durin lectures.. meng meng dong dong.. like dreamin like tat even when eyes are open.. isnt tat wonderful?

it hadnt been rainin for long too.. so hot.. how to slp.. n how to hav lessons without some rain every now n then leh.. pls rain..

ben yeo’s on this wk’s of 8days.. nvm lah.. not worth to buy.. juz 1page.. very short.. n he says he attracts only aunties.. no wah.. haha.. he’s shuai actually..

juz like tat lah.. till nxt time..

pls press de above n give yishu some hugs lah.. coz she’s very depressed.. yup yup..


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pooh n tigger looks so weird then.. Posted by Hello

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product of boredom.. Posted by Hello

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hot hot hot..

today got friendly against nyjc.. heh. we lost. 😦 but nvm lah.. everyone is improvin though we lost.. yup.. it was 72 to dunno wat.. i juz noe it’s not really gd.. n today’s so hot lah.. i’m cooked!! really.. sittin there n watch can die liaoz.. went up n play worse.. was pantin already after 2min!! oh man.. real bad.. my stamina is so shitty.. urgh.. but got in one shot.. with assist from huimin.. yeah..

nxt wk’s a all lecture wk.. yucks.. though end sch early.. but it’s so borin.. sittin there i tat fridge [yup.. brrr…] n rot.. i hate all lectures wk!! can we do sth more fun?

watched pride again last night.. hey.. actually it’s nto tat bad.. n takuya kimura is shuai now n then.. so i changed my view of tat show.. yeah.. it’s B-.. haha..

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haha.. s.h.e.. Posted by Hello

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oh man.. gao tian qi’s hair so short now!! Posted by Hello

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nth to do..

yeah.. today is gd fri which means no sch!! de haze yday was like eatin away my stamina n i was pantin like a dog after playin for 10min.. n felt like s-ing after an hr.. stomachache arh.. so da best solution is to stay at home n enjoy de comfort of de comp n tv.. oh yah.. postin some photos to make de blog not look so dead..

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