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1 last day to terms.. tml is really a nice finish.. chem.. yay.. i’m lovin’ it.. haha.. i really like chem but its de subject tat ive done nth at all to it.. maybe today will mug like crazy.. terms wasnt really bad.. eh.. gp was beri bri hard.. took me so long to understand wat de hell de passage was tokin abt.. n de qns really CMI also.. wat’s ‘matyr’? n de vocab as usual cannot make it.. econs was quite bad too.. dunno how to do.. in end fake up some things tat i suddenly think of one.. invent my own econs theory.. phy was oookkkie lah.. but i nv memorise all de definitions and came out so many def qns.. in de end invent my own def also.. spa was.. hmm.. dunno how to say.. de teacher takin out shift corrected me twice.. die.. n i fell asleep in de lab!! haha.. today’s math.. it was okie lah.. left blank for a few qns.. hope can score well for this bah.. de only hope.. de only paper tat i didnt go inventin my things out..

hmm.. hear tat bg music? haha.. i bet u all miss lili.. haha..

yday was superstar.. wei choong sang ‘liu xing shen ling yu’.. another dong song.. not bad.. hee.. until now in superstar already got 4 dong song.. but wei choong didnt sing very well yday leh.. wei jian was not bad.. but i dun like de cheena hse william tan.. yucks.. still got so high marks..

oh yah.. debbie can lend me this 4 album? paiseh arh.. nxt time i see u then lend me k? 😛


陈晓东 作词:厉曼婷 作曲:鲍比达




ahh… so shuai arh..


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heh.. its terms tml n im still playin here.. haha.. k.. de thing is runnin out of time 2 (an zhan2) juz finished.. wasnt as gd as part1.. some ppl like part2 better but i like part1.. part2 is not as exciting.. not as clever n de endin wasnt gd enough.. u noe yday after i finished watchin part1 i was so damn gek tat andy lau got away tat i couldnt slp.. really!! haha.. but today’s was like “end liaoz arh? stupid endin!!” really lah.. de way ekin escape wasnt as clever.. n many stuffs wasnt explain.. de original story line was better.. but dunno why de director suddenly change de story line for part2.. but.. its not bad lah.. runnin out of time shall be included under my fav movies list.. haha..

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shawn n edison..

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wah.. shuai.. enough to compare with tony leung n andy lau le.. haha..

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de 2 hottest man now..
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copy n paste de above add to ur ‘go to’ bar to watch..
cool eh? i love this mv.. haha..

anyone play maple? if u play must tell me hoh..

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i was tryin to find a reason after watchi initialD why it isnt nice.. couldnt really find de reason lah.. coz de reasons i gave myself were like too vague n couldnt mean wat i wanna say.. n finally i found de ans in i-weekly.. quoting i-weekly:


yeah.. tat’s wat i wanna say lah.. u cant feel for de characters.. like those lousy films tat i used to make.. de characters got character but no feel.. if u cant connect with de characters u wont feel for de show n wont like it.. yah.. maybe alan mak wanna tell de story as much as possible within too short a time.. so no choice.. wu jian dao part1 actually happened over 7days.. no rush.. no need to explain too many things.. so we could understand it all in tat 2hrs.. initial D requires a lot of explanation.. so.. yah loh..

yday result was out for jue dui superstar.. i predicted 3 out of de 4 gettin out.. i knew de indo guy.. de darryl [such a pity.. coz he’s shuai.. haha..] de candy [isnt?] will get out but i wanted to skinny blue girl to get in one.. so sad loh.. nxt wk got more of my fav.. yeah.. haha.. coz got wei choong.. got wei jian.. got raymond.. got william.. n got sebby leong [he’s okie lah..] oh yah.. sth happy abt yday.. junyang, leon n wei lian got in!!! haha.. i support them..

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haha.. he’s damn cute.. repeatin this over n over again.. yah.. find ur world.. find wat u excel in n enjoy ur life.. this is life..

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