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somehow blogger hates firefox n firefox hates blogger.. coz they juz dun seem to work together!! haiz.. so now everytime i go n check out my blog i hav to open IE again.. n its been 1 hr since i was fascinated by dear ipod colour n im still online.. haha.. dun feel like doin hw.. tue got chem test.. then got gp n maths hw.. dun seem like a lot.. so im slackin here le.. oh.. another thing tat firefox hate is baidu.. coz it dun allow me to *ahem songs one.. haven touch anything on pw since tat day.. haiz.. by fri must do sth de.. or else.. yah.. so hav to do..


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ipod 20gb

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the new ipod n ipod U2 20gb colour version.. i wan!! damn nice.. i wanted de ipod photo but now this is even better.. ipod + ipod photo with not as much memory.. since i also dun need 30gb so much memory.. no money.. but these are so nice!!

spent this whole morning fixing my old comp.. took me like from 12pm to 5pm to fix it.. got like 1million trojans in it.. then install a lot of security for this comp.. wah.. finally.. im usin my old comp now.. works perfectly well liaoz i guess.. n i gave up totally on IE for this comp.. usin firefox now.. coz win98 is really losin out in everything if i use microsoft stuffs.. so all my security things on this comp are all not microsoft one.. spent so much time scannin it.. haiz.. but okie lah.. now i got 2 usable comp at home le.. yeah.. still haven touch a single homework yet.. sigh.. maybe later..

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nike jp

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yuta tabuse.

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dear obfuscate n choktong.. my 2 characters in maplestory.. 2 of them are damn cute..

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slackin at home.. really dunno wat to do now.. its one of those free saturdays tat i hav n still i dunno wat to do.. it rained in de mornin leh.. but stopped quite soon after it started.. so fast.. n now i got so bored i dunno wat to do..

went to read de website abt how to make a survey.. but somehow it got more n more borin as i read it.. i dunno lah.. maybe im gonna go structure de survey qns later.. 1 n a half more mths to written report.. haiz.. so fast.. so many things still not done.. n it means 3more wks to EoM due.. n somehow we pissed sohKW tat day.. haiz..

tml’s last day to renew de popular card.. n i still haven renew yet.. haiz.. wed got econs essay test.. fri got econs mcq n drq test.. dunno when got chem eqm n ionic eqm test.. MADAM claire teo set one..

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睡梦中的人 不了解我的累
却无所谓 后悔
会妥协的人 不明白我自卑

见过你的美 我还能爱谁


de lyrics of this song is really well written.. very nice!!

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seriously i think being such a public blog n many things shdnt be said here.. but i seriously i also think MrK has a fanclub.. recently MrK went to post 2 blog entries on de nygh campus moblog n i tell u, u all shd really go read them.. haha.. Hilarious is de word.. but pity now im out of de sch i dunno hu’s MrLKB.. hmm.. but nvm.. its still really farni..

maybe KLim has a fanclub too.. juz tat we dunno.. *frowns*

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