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alan 柯有倫.

more on him on http://www.sonymusic.com.tw/pop/alan/


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tue 30aug

today is happy day!! haha.. in gd mood today.. n im suddenly very into photoshop!! made 2 collages juz now.. quite nice i think.. haha.. n i like my previous ones.. all 3 of them.. de one with black n white n only certain part coloured.. n also de ipod:the source of ALL evil one.. haha.. today made 2 collages.. one is vain sistergang n de other is juz void deck..

oh.. n if u think ong’s pw grp product zapstick is a cool name, we gonna call ours “the void deck”.. nice yeah? heh. i think so too.. its as cool as zapstick.. n ong told me this jingle of zapstick but i forgot le..

oh.. n think im change callin arse-ho to callin him kaishyuan.. seriously this name is so so so girly.. i mean which guy in this world will call himself kaishyuan.. i mean like u try callin lah “凯旋~” i mean i will only think of a girl loh.. esp if u say this in a very soft tone.. haiz.. kaishyuan arh.. de face dun fit de name..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
To all proud owners of ipod n any other device tat can play mp3.. (above pic taken from http://www.apple.com/ipod/ which is later edited by me.)

Q. How do I know whether the songs in my computer or MP3 player are legal?
A. If you didn’t buy it from a legal site like Soundbuzz, it is probably illegal. Plus, when you buy a CD, the rights only apply to the CD; this means you cannot rip songs out and make them into MP3s for your player.
Generally, it’s advisable to check the terms and conditions of use before you make a copy of the songs. — SOURCE: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF SINGAPORE”

so wat de heck is this?

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sometimes stuff tat i do out of hand itchiness juz surprises me.

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oh.. actually i didnt wan to say this.. but after readin ong’s chong’s n jasMEAN’s blog.. haiz.. today is officially sistergang depressin day.. each of us has a different reason but by 430 we were depressingly depressed.. haiz.. but nvm.. jasmine cheered me up after a while.. not so depressed le.. but sort of under a *humph* mood.. haha.. maybe bottle too long le must let out gas.. haha.. cheer up jasmine, ong n chong.. ong nvm tat photo, she can keep it n do watever she wans to it.. chong.. seein out frens lin n lim would juz make us betterman(woman) by toleratin them.. n now we are not so depressed jasmine must be happier too! 😀

i hope.


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seriously yishu is gettin more n more out of hand.. outright outrageous!! (wow.. alliteration!!) haiz.. but sistergang is seriously leadin me astray.. coz i tok damn loudly in de train today!! haiz.. some ppl in this world is juz simply blessed.. they can tok at an acceptable volume n yet not be heard by many ppl.. de secret behind this is tat they can control their voice so tat de sound waves travel only to ppl tat are supposed to listen.. but i cant!! haiz.. i tok n de sound waves travel in all directions.. better control de way i tok now.. 😦

today is okie.. i wasnt as tired as i tot i would.. life’s quite borin now actually.. nth special in sch.. so lookin forward to friday(de performance.. not de kick boxin part obviously.. haha..) i was maybe a little too hungry today though.. i ate immediately when chinese came.. when most of de time me n ong will wait till chinese is gonna end then we eat one.. n we ate yong tau fu!! 😀 lurve yong tau fu.. n my current fav is curry rice.. so nice!! n i think de yong tau fu store went to change their bowls.. coz they sort of appear larger to me today.. both de small n de big ones..

oh.. n more of xinyu n my crazy tokin.. coz xinyu wanted to go buy guava juice (as usual) so we went to buy lah.. then we saw someone queuin at de western food store.. so i dunno why de brain cannot turn properly n so i was like ‘this person looks familiar but wat does she sell one de leh?’ so i turned to ask xinyu, “wat tat auntie sell one arh?” then her reply was equally stupid “photocopy machine one.” haha.. dumb n dumber.. haiz..

n oh.. i wanted to actually blog extensively on jc life.. coz like i spent my whole sec4 tryin to get an idea of wat jc life is but it nv came to me even after i knew i was posted to college.. i mean there’s really so so so little info u can find abt jclife.. okie.. there was jcguide last time but its gone now? so wat do kids rely to choose their jc? hmm.. but again(hah!) why will sec4 kids read this blog?

hmm.. but nevertheless (hey.. jasMEAN, this is de proper use.. heh.) i shall still blog abt it..

hmm.. maybe tok abt subjects first:
there are mainly 2 streams(okie.. maybe de only 2 now.. since they scrapped off commence..) science n arts.. science u of course take sci subjects lah.. chem, phy, bio, maths, f-maths(are they scrappin this off too?).. arts steam mainly focus on lit, geog, hist, mep, art, econs.. but with de new policy of H1, H2 n stuffs.. kids enterin college nxt yr need to take one subject out of their core.. like u are in science fac but u hav to take one arts subject like econs or lit etc. then if u are in arts then yup u must take one science subject lah.. which means there’s no more triple sci anymore nxt yr i guess.. unless u take 4H1 n 1 subj for H2 level? makin u takin a total of 5subj.. in case u are thinkin wat is H2 level.. it juz means like takin elect of tat subj.. H2 geog means geog elect like how it always was in sec sch..

then there’s gp.. if u are gd enough(i mean EL A1&A2) u can take KI.. aiyah.. both are de same.. juz tat one wans u to think even more.. dun fret if u cant get into KI coz pw alone can make u think n think n think le.. then wat we learn in college leh.. i’m in sci fac lah.. PCME combi.. physics juz continues wat we have learnt in sec sch.. so it wont be too difficult (provided u noe ur sec sch stuff) chem.. is gettin harder (at least to me) coz they are introducin quite some new topic.. maths’s juz an extention of watever we learn in amaths.. differentiation.. vectors.. lalala.. all these.. econs is actually juz human geog.. its very very human geog.. then u juz learn abt de market n stuffs.. its juz common sense to some extent.. but they juz make it chimo.. gp is… argh.. more essays.. must read newspaper.. must noe stuffs happenin around u.. n gp means u are gonna subscribe to newsweek or time if u haven done so.. chinese.. hah. i dropped this.. so i lurve chinese periods.. happy hr to me.. so.. tat’s all!! so little subj yeah? as compared to de 8,9,10 subj tat need to be taken in sec sch.. n i sucked a lot in essay writin.. so no more lit = a much happier me!!

if u are pragmatic n wanna take subj tat u can really drill urself in.. take sci stream.. sci stream kids make up de majority in colleges.. n many ppl take it as de safe n easy route.. arts fac on de other hand is cooler.. u are de minority.. but subj are more flexible.. meanin no hard facts like Ksp = [A][B] n stuff.. n.. dunno how to say.. but all my frens agree tat arts fac is like.. cooler? haha..

n seriously.. choose a sch u like.. try to balance btw being pragmatic n wantin de fun.. i mean college life is only 2yrs.. its not gonna change u into a whole new person.. ive got this maths teacher hu once said lah.. if ur ability can only land u as last position in a gd sch.. then u are assumed to top a bad sch.. this is okie.. but nv be those hu will average a gd sch but again will average a bad sch.. if u keep this in mind.. actually choosin fun over a gd future is okie lah.. i chose a sch with a long hist (n actually a very strong culture) i lurve it yeah? so i dun really regret it..

oh.. sth else.. dun get cheated tat jc students go to sch later than sec sch students.. coz we dun.. i got cheated de whole of my 4 sec sch yrs.. coz everyday i’ll see nj ppl enterin sch at 8plus.. haha.. this actually applies only to nj.. all other colleges still start at 7.30 mind u.. oh.. n if u can plannin to go acj.. i tell u.. being late lands u in detention.. even if u are only a second late.. or its ur first time.. or becoz it was rainin n road was slippery.. late=dc.. shall tok another time i guess..

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there are generally 2 types of ppl hu tok to themselves:

one of them tok to themselves to earn a livin, n de other for de fun of it.

haha.. check this out..

more from http://studentssketchpad.blogspot.com/2005/07/webcomic-archive.html

hmm.. somehow de logo looks very familiar yeah..

maybe.. its..

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