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haiz. 2moredays.

2 more days to d-day. Ahhhhh!! I’m gonna be in deep shit. Maths haven finish mugging. Physics haven finish. Gp haven start. Chem n econs are like only 略略 read through. Wah. It’s been some time since I felt so scared for an exam. Maybe because its promos. Maybe its just that I’m still not used to this school.

Last time back in Disneyland our tests are tricky and hard. Now in ac the papers are not as hard but very tedious, by the end of the 3 hrs we more or less just finished fighting a war. And they squeezed all the subjects together. Like we gonna finish everything in 5 days? And the first two days there are like 3 papers a day? I seriously need some chicken essence.

Unckejianwei says we are gonna have intensive pw n Chinese after promos. Yay-ha!! Cause me and Ong gonna have 8 slack periods per week while everyone else is digging their heads into that little(not very actually) blue book and memorise all the words in it. Wee-hi. Seriously I think higher Chinese the 词语手册 will work better. Haha. But I want that blue book too!! I like all the 俗语and 歇后语 in it. Nevermind 成语, I’m really sick of them after mugging like hell for it last time. But too bad, jasmine says no more liaoz. Out of stock.

I want to watch 童梦奇缘!!! But I guess no one wanna go watch with me. All of them watch angmoh films one. Haha. I thought 童梦奇缘 was a crappy show also. But after like finding out what the movie is all about, it appear kinda cool. I wanna watch. I wanna watch. I wanna watch.


Actually I dun mind goal! also. Seems quite nice.



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Subway Tweed

Subway Tweed
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This photo is neat. 😀

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my twin.

Chet Lam 林一峰. Borned on 11 April 1976. Which makes him a dragon too like me!! So freaky. First time in my life I found someone who has the same birthday as me. My twin!!

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google me.

According to lianhewanbao yesterday, teachers search for their name in search engines to see if students wrote something bad about them. Hah. Please google for me.


but remember to tag if you happen to come here.

oh no. i think this is mean.


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yish rawk my sock.2
Originally uploaded by yishie wishie.

Oh no. I’m hooked onto blogs.. I can’t stop reading them and I can’t stop posting on mine (my one). Haha. Oh no.


7 things that scare me:

1. Heights (especially when there’s no railing. OBS didn’t take my fear away.)
2. Dark alleys
3. Horror films (I only watched once in my entire life)
4. To sink and sink and sink.
5. To lose everything in my life.
6. To fall and fall and fall.
7. To get myself caught in an embarrassed position.

7 things that I like the most:

1. Surfing the net.
2. Get rich.
3. Get myself stuffs that I dream of.
4. Luffing my everything out with friends.
5. Catch a great movie
6. Read a great book
7. Watch a great show.

7 important things in my room:

1. Bed.
2. Fan.
3. i-weekly(s)
4. PC.
5. Wallet
6. Bag.
7. Books.

7 random facts about me:

1. I can’t cycle.
2. I wet my pants in primary school during flag lowering ceremony because I could not hold on anymore.
3. I can watch a show for 1million times and not get sick of it.
4. I like 真情.
5. During meals, I finish the rice and then start on the dishes. Then to soup.
6. I can’t pronounce ‘HCJC’ properly.
7. I lurve apple and itunes and Ipod and ibook and mini mac and imac and..

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Get a degree.
2. To finish a 20min film production. And get it shown to everyone in Singapore.
3. To become friends with one of my teachers.
4. To get married and get kids?
5. To own a mac.
6. To write a story for a magazine.
7. To own as many i-weekly as I can.

7 things I can do:

1. Operate av equipment and almost all idiot proof cameras and some SLR cameras and most video cameras and sound boards and lighting boards.
2. Play basketball.
3. Fix my own comp.
4. Search for anything in this world through the net if I want to. Beware.
5. To mix with people 10 years older and younger than me.
6. Have deep thoughts about this world and to make reasonable logic out of it.
7. Control my laughter. Very effectively.

7 things I can’t do:

1. Cycle!!!
2. Talk on the phone and use the computer at the same time.
3. Control my excitement and also my blood flow to my face.
4. Play tennis.
5. To lie and not feel bad.
6. Talk properly without stuttering in front of a small crowd (a large one is okay.)
7. To reject people’s requests.

7 things I say the most:

1. A-bu-den
2. Aiyoh
3. Shit
4. I slap you.
5. Er..
6. Yup. A-ha. (As in I know what u are saying or I agree with you)
7. Actually I think…

7 celebrity crushes:

1. Ah ben!! 杨志龙 but he’s married already.. Haha.
2. Tony Leung 梁朝伟
3. Ekin Cheung 郑伊健
4. 小刀 from 5566
5. 高天骐
6. 押尾学
7. 草野博紀(Kusano Hironori)of NEWS

Btw the picture at the side is generated here. Cool eh? Heh. Another one.

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“The Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)’s website, for instance, features profiles of its teachers, including the subjects they teach – and even their personal interests.”

ahaha.. got this from newpaper online. talking abt teachers as poster boys.

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(Read the previous post before this.)
Now look at this:



  华文课经常要求学生写周记,德喇撒学校(De La Salle)一群华文教师选择在网络写日记,利用这个管道作为华文辅助教学。













hur hur.

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