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if u understand..



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My left brain has nothing right and my right brain has nothing left.

Can i still take s-paper?


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Currently suffering from diarrhea and post 王子变青蛙 syndrome. Diarrhea I’m not very sure why but the post wzbqw syndrome I know. Cause for the past 2 weeks the aim of my life was ‘to go home and finish watching 王子变青蛙’. And now I’ve finished it (actually I re-watched like 4 more times), I’ve got nothing to do!! Oh no. I have no more aim in life. Haha. Looking forward to 10 nov and 17 nov now.

Oh. And now I have like 25 明道 pictures and like 12 183club pictures. Not bad eh? Haha. shall post them online another time. Need to bathe now. Mother angry.

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分手伤了谁 谁把他变美
让你在回味 字不醉人人自醉

nice. yanzi’s new song.

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search for me.

It’s been some time since I reviewed the stuff I found from my sitemeter. Yay. Let’s look at what I found recently. (I know it’s kinda mean.. but well..)

  1. Ronson acjc dance Eh.. He’s taken. Mind you. Haha.
  2. yueting hci Eh.. Haha. Bet you can’t find yueting’s blog. Hah.
  3. who has 王子变青蛙 Huh!? Why would someone in this world search for this? Jasmine has lah..
  4. Vivian hsu Hahahaha. Say say say you lurve me~
  5. psle Eh. Over and done with 5 years ago.
  6. thenewipod The one can play video one izzit? I also quite interested leh.
  7. shiduan njc Hmm. Not here too.
  8. garychan Huh!? Why him? Haha.
  9. yewtee primary school Hmm. I’m from cckps. Not this one.
  10. gu dan de ye li wo bu gu dan Yup. All in hanyupinyin. Dunno why also. But anw, it’s dong!! Yay.
  11. kuoyuhsuan Woa. Mr kuo.
  12. mr. limkokboon Why the mr. in front? Hahaha. You know he was on tv some time ago?
  13. “jailani abu bakar” Eh. He taught me media studies lah. The only thing I can remember of him is that he took off his shoes, jumped onto a table and sang eternal flame to us. Hahahaha.
  14. 183 club songs. Ming dao~~
  15. delasalle Singapore primary school My sister’s pri sch. Right opposite my house I can say.
  16. ann chong Erm.. hahaha.
  17. ma xiao ling wallpaper You sure you want that?


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Originally uploaded by yishie wishie.

the last day of school was over. i suggest that you click this photo to look at the bigger version. cause i added notes on it. heh.

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If you use the staff room paging system and press misterhokaishyuan non-stop would you get ‘ho ho ho ho ho ho kai shyaun’? Haha. if it’s yes, we shall try it when it’s near Christmas and then burst in to shout ‘merry christmas’!!


And dunno whether jasmine or huiqi was telling me that day that if we press mrlaukinhoong non-stop, all the laus will put down their pen while the ‘lau lau lau lau lau…’ goes on until ‘kinhoong’ comes out then they will go ‘chey~’ and go back to their work.

We are really bored to come out with this.

Anyway, we sort of played a prank on dexter that day. We pressed the calling system and ran away before he came out. But after like half a min we went back to surrender ourselves. He was such a wanted man that he only had time to say ‘then why did you’ before another student called him again.


It’s actually quite mean to keep suan-ing him about his habit.

And you know what. Pw is gonna end really soon. The gpf was filed and everything was done. Waiting for the final race which is op. jasmine and me were like chattin and filing our gpf at the same time. It was a dumb thing anyway, asked all the PWLs to paginate the file, manually!! Aiyoh. Then we looked at our PIs and GPPs. We have come a long way I can say. From that time when we knew nuts about our PIs and handing in crap. And then to unclejianwei whom we felt hated our class then. To finally now when we are clear about everything and stuff.

Anyway, the label on the gpf writes
Chia Hee Lee

Jasmine has strong views about this. What about you?

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