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the last day of 2005.

first thing. i lost tigger!! the one that i hanged on my handphone. coz today i decided to take it out to hang on my pencil case and so i put it in my bag first. then at the end of the day i suddenly realise tigger is gone!! sigh. i feel bad. later ppl step on tigger how. haiz.

heard ppl saying that they dun wan sch to start. but i rather sch faster start lah. it’s like an impending doom. faster come faster go lah. haiz. now i have to feel bad that i have 2 more days but im not doing anything abt my hw. haiz.



finished the xiaomei episode of zhiyong. haha. i think he’s super cute lah. but yihui thinks that he’s too guai. the stuff he does are not as ‘over’ as xiaozong. maybe. haha.


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Love Concierge

‘Love Concierge’ is a very nice show!! haha. at least better than the previous rainbow connection. the plot was lousy and angus kuo looked ugly in it. haha. at first i tot ‘Love Concierge’ gonna be quite suck too. esp when they got alex to to act!! haha. *tuo diao tuo diao* but the plot is so much nicer. singapore shd juz focus on making gd shows with local actors than to get many strange foreigners and make a strange show with them.

and…. i think the qian jiekuan (thomas ong) is another shan junhao. maybe not as suave (and rich looking) but he is like a replicate lah. and that evil zhaoming is like the combination of zhang minghan and ziqian. zhaoming is jiekuan’s fren but he’s like eyeing his ceo post all the time.

and jacelyn tay’s gonna choose alex to to thomas ong. okay lah. i think alex to is changing for the better from episode to episode. while thomas ong seems like a su-la (coward?).

and of course sunny!! haha. he damn bad taste to like ann kwok but he’s very farnee!! haha.

(oh. and i saw silver ang in the previous episode and got a shock!! haha.)

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econs e-learning.

seriously i must say sth. until now i really dun hav a single problem with the e-learning thing. at all. really!! haha. dun understand why u all say got prob. maybe becoz i went up much later than anybody else in this sch and so the problems are all fixed when i went into it.

okay. maybe one thing got screwed up with my e-learning. but it’s all my fault!! it was to do with the day7 part1. coz i went in and this slide flashed so fast past me. being nosey as always i went to press back to look at the slide. and it was a mistake!! after i went back i couldnt get into the quiz again. haiz. nvm. my part 2 i tried twice. haha. once 50 and the nxt time 80. and this quiz needs 8/10 to pass. wah. my part 3 was 7/10 (and i failed lah) but i didnt bother anymore. aiyah. seriously i didnt really learn much and answered everything with only logic. means i learnt nth. lalala.

physics hw is still as screwed up. and gp not touched. haha. oh no. imagine how angry gplow would be when she realise everyone boycotts their gp hw. anyway not only our class, every single class in this sch boycotts their gp hw. it’s really too too too much to finish!!

*pardon for my lousy grammar, too much play and no work indeed made yish a stupid girl. (:

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(heh. paiseh. haven pay u back yet. :P)

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we had senior junior match in the morning and a farewell lunch at pizza hut suntec!!

me and christine. haha. i look farnee.

mama and clare.

jem and clare.

so we blindfolded all the seniors!!

and brought them for a surprise lunch at pizza hut.


mama and her cool hat.


the nxt table.


huimin taking a photo of everyone.

and seniors bought us chocolate!! (the outside)

the inside…..

and the chocolate!!

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5Y dinner at fish&co.

yup. another photo blog again. this time is the fish&co. dinner on 27dec2005.

so me and felicia went out to get christmas present for yueting. cool eh? first time i board such a clean and white looking mrt.

and we are so so so taiko that we managed to catch this tigger with just one try with those soft toy catching machine. haha. tokin abt beginner’s luck.

as always, the 3 fish&co. sauces!!

seafood platter!!

yueyun ate fish n chips.

felicia and yueting trying to take a photo of themselves.

me and yueyun.

yup. the new fish&co.

after the fish&co. dinner ying left and we went to dedicate songs to each other with the suntec fountain dedicating service. haha. then we went home i think. 🙂

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Yishu, your true talent is abstract reasoning

Your ability to look at information abstractly means you have a rich imagination. You’re one of those rare people who can mix two unrelated ideas together to come up with a great new one. Most people aren’t as skillful as you are at applying knowledge outside of its usual context.

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