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It’s like how scary lah.

A quan yi feng, a FIR’s ah qing and hong kong’s wei jun jie just came and left my hse. Together with their hyper energetic mother. Hahaha. My cousins are kinda interesting.

Shall post pictures of them next time.


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Love Concierge.


Love Concierge ended yday. not bad. for a made in spore show i give it 4.95stars!! haha. it’s like how nice lah. bu it ended already. sigh. anw, the characters:

jiekuan(thomas ong): this rich guy who jacelyn tay met in japan and after they went back to spore they met again. then jacelyn tay was then very angry that thomas ong cheated her that he is not a rich guy (huh? so? haha.) then they broke up again when ann kok bluffed that she was made pregnant by thomas ong and made him marry her. but in the end u noe lah.

ruyi(jacelyn tay): she is a wedding planner and met thomas ong while on a trip to japan for her job. the rest is the same as above but u just switch the role around. haha. oh she got sth else. like in the middle, there’s another guy (alex to) who likes her too.

sunny(zhang yao dong): he used to be a model but his father opposed to it and later on he became a mechanic. and at first he actually liked ann kok (like how bad taste lah.) but married fiona xie in the end.

ruxin(fiona xie): she’s like a mugger at the starting of the show but then worked as a pr at thomas ong’s company. it’s been a long time since i last watched a show which protrays fiona xie as an innocent character. heh.

ruqing(ann kok): she’s like a super ambitious girl and tries all her ways to become rich and famous. in the 2nd last episode she became crazy. (yesh!!)

zhaoming(Shaun Chen): yucks yucks yucks. dont like Shaun Chen in the first place. so thank goodness he’s acting as a bad guy in the show. hahaha.

JiaoMei(Nancy Sit): hao-yi~!! haha. her character as always is those super hyper super farnee auntie. and i think she and the lao guai wu is rather farnee.

SenMiao(Zhu Houren): maybe u are more used to him as ‘lao guai wu’. but yah, he’s the guy nxt door who does feng shui. haha.

lance(alex to): he’s a photographer spouting english every now and then (maybe becoz his chinese sucks). seems to be a lousy guy at first but gets super nice at the back.

chunchun(apple hong): this girl hu likes lance although he dun like her. and….. she’s just nice lah. haha.

denise(lynn poh): evil woman!! she’s more evil than ann kok. she holds some high position in the modelling world or sth like tat.

a-du(vincent ng): he’s lao guai wu’s disciple. and he married a malay woman whom his mother strongly disapproved at first.

belinda and zzchen: they act as this girl-is-very-forceful-guy-is-very-weak couple. but it was a gd ending too. (like always)

le yao: she tried to get ann kok into trouble during her first modelling perormance(or watever it’s called. argh.)

chen shu chen: hao-yi’s first husband.

youfa: this guy who bluff everyone that he is gay so that he can touch the female models while changing for them. somehow he reminded me of david gan. haha.

and many more. wow. didnt noe they got so many ppl down to act for this show.

我愿意 – 蔡淳佳

遇上你那天气 生命开始出现了奇迹
把手放进你手里 心里默默诠释着爱你
其实爱让人 伤得最彻底
在我的眼里 还是会相信

勾勾手 – 郭美美

心 被海風吹過
鹹鹹的自由 還隱隱作痛
當太陽沉沒我們的故事 全劇終
傷 被時間追過
今天的自由 是一道彩虹
我們勾勾手 不准不快樂
就把捨不得 都丟進回憶的黑洞塵封
我們勾勾手 如果遇見更好的人
一定要更堅強 勇敢去追求
我們勾勾手 要比誰都快樂
就把捨不得 都丟進成長的黑洞塵封
我們勾勾手 如果遇見更好的人
一定要更堅強 勇敢去追求
一定更堅強把愛 勇敢追求

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can u believe it? that we actually didnt bother to pon school and went to sch for CNY celebrations. haha. the performance is better than i expected (as compared to last year) so i guess it was worth going to school.

finally i managed to take a photo of the hall after morning assembly. nice right? it’s super neat. and ron was saying that i’m deprived to want to take this kind of photo. it’s nice loh.

the food committee was busy with plans for the food stall.

and look at wat me and annchong are doing.

tada. gplow. our class teacher.

later we met with our junior class and went down to the hall for the performance. and we sat with our junior class. haha. just me ong and chong. coz the view from LT1 was damn bad so we went to the front.

haiz. so act cute.

decided to take a picture of the lengendary packrat.

the third time this poster is screaming in my face.

and then we went out!! haha.

we are supposed to give up this seat for those hu need it more.

and look at hu’s so inconsiderate to sit on it?

met ron at city hall and we went carl’s jr.

please place at edge of table because our staff’s eyesights are all damn bad.

quite empty.

a smiling star.



look at the size of the burger.




and later me and ong went shopping and saw this super nice adidas jacket and this lebron ball.

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100 meme

1 Birthdate?
11 Apr

2 Place of birth?
That pore. Yesh. That pore.

3 Blood type?

4 Height?
160cm. that makes me 0.5cm taller than last year.

5 Weight?
49kg. Heng still haven’t cross the 50kg mark.

6 Shoe size?
US 6

7 Work? Study?

8 Childhood nickname?
Tissue, 一棵树, 艺术(this is like how bad lah), red tomato.

9 Average hours you sleep in a day?
12am-615am. Which makes it 6hr15min a day.

10 Time you go to bed?
12am. *yawn*

11 Any siblings?
1 younger sister. And she’s in IP. Like how lucky lah.

12 Eyesight short-sighted, long-sighted or perfect?
Short-sighted. 400average.

13 What languages do you speak?
EL,CL and my limited vocabulary of jap.

14 What languages would you like to speak?

15 Nickname on Messenger?

16 What do you collect?
i-weekly. I’m into my 4th year this year.

17 Model of handphone you are using?
SE k750i. And it’s how cool a gadget.

18 What is on your shopping list?
Clothes, bags, shoes, ipod, camera. Aiyah. I just want cash. Hah.

19 Favourite t-shirt brand?

20 Favourite cut of jeans?
Low. I think.

21 Favourite fashion designer?
LV. Hahahaha.

22 Favourite clothing label?

23 Favourite shoe label?
Nike dunks.

24 Favourite bag label?

25 Most dominant colour in your wardrobe?
White. I lurve all white tees.

26 Most worn-pair of shoes?
My nike dunks.

27 Favourite shampoo?
Dove. The light blue one.

28 Favourite conditioner?
Dove. The light blue one also.

29 Favourite bath product?
I can’t remember the name but I know they have blue colour, pink colour, yellow colour, green colour. All kinds of flavour. And I like the yellow one.

30 Favourite facial product?
Clean n’ clear. Haha.

31 Favourite cosmetics?
I think maybelline’s lipsticks not bad.

32 Favourite art movement?

33 Favourite artist?
Chen rui xian. Haha. Don’t laugh at me.

34 Favourite gallery?
Photo exhibition. Especially journalism.

35 Favourite cold drink?

36 Favourite hot drink?

37 Favourite flavour of ice-cream?
Rum and raisin.

38 Favourite cuisine?

39 Favourite sandwich?
Ham and egg.

40 Favourite cake?
Chocolate coated.

41 Favourite chocolate?
Royce this kind of soft chocolate.

42 Favourite fast food?

43 Favourite sushi?
Those tou-fu skin one.

44 Favourite breakfast?

45 Spaghetti tomato, cream or pesto sauce?
aglio oglio. So it’s considered olive oil?

46 Beef rare, medium rare, medium, well-done?

47 Restaurant you frequent most?

48 Best dining experience?

49 Worst dining experience?

50 Favourite book?
‘I’m the king of the castle’. I’m serious. Haha.

51 Favourite movie?
Infernal affairs 1,2,3

52 Favourite artist writer?
Chen rui xian again? Haha.

53 Favourite actor?
贺小美. (:

54 Favourite actress?
林依晨. (:

55 Favourite record?
S.H.E’s 青春株式会社

56 Favourite singer?
Alan kuo, jay chou, S.H.E, Kone.

57 Favourite band?
Band? S.H.E

58 Favourite lyrics?
爱很简单 陶喆 My all time favourite.

59 Favourite TV show?
Currently 恶魔在身边

60 Favourite newspapers?

61 Favourite magazine?
Of course i-weekly.

62 Favourite flower?

63 Favourite animal?

64 Favourite country?
Singapore Japan Taiwan Hong Kong

65 Favourite street (in your country)?

66 Favourite street (overseas)?
The streets in Barcelona.

67 Favourite sport?

68 Scariest movie?
I only watched one and it scare me enough: Wishing stairs.

69 Funniest movie?

70 Favourite leisure activity?
The net.

71 Favourite public transport?
Any land transport at night.

72 Favourite weather?
Rain. Rain. Rain. Yay.

73 Dream honeymoon destination?
Not thinking about it yet.

74 Computer you use?
Packard bell.

75 Wallpaper on your computer?

76 Screen saver on your computer?
The windows xp one. Haha.

77 How many hours on the internet a day?
Shortest 1 longest 12.

78 Favourite blog?
Ondine and raaddd.

79 Favourite news site?
Straits times online.

80 Favourite site?

81 First pet?

82 Favourite cartoon from childhood?
Dexter’s lab.

83 Favourite toy from childhood?
This thing which u can fix then can roll a marble through. Sound so intelligent right?

84 What makes you smile?

85 What makes you cry?

86 Which celebrity would you like to be?

87 What colour would you be if you are a crayon?

88 If you can go back in time, which period would you want to be in?

89 If you can have your own business, what would you venture into?
Anything tech. Anything that can gimme big bucks. Hahahaha.

90 What TV program would you like to go on?
校园superstar. Haha.

91 How satisfied are you with your current situation?
Yup. *nod nod*

92 What would you rather be doing if you have a choice?

93 The most important thing that has happened in your life?
Too many stuff.

94 What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years down the road?
Still mugging? Or the other way round?

95 Most desired now?
Cash. And time.

96 Biggest worry now?
That I’m still not good enough in basketball. And to be kicked out of chem s. and many more.

97 Most unforgettable incident?

98 New year resolution?
Be happy.

99 Your motto in life?
Do only things you like. And be flexible.

100 Who do you want to answer “100 Things About Me”?
sister brudder gang. 401 gang and sec2 pw gang. Haha.

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yay. the new year hols is finally here. yay!! haha. i was looking forward to this moment since this morning. finally. yesh.


anw, saw this while i was on my way home. the new 华语COOL poster. haha. seriously i dun think it’s nice. maybe the impact isnt there. i wont like chinese becoz of this poster. and somemore they got hossan leong dressed up like some ERA home agent to appear in the poster. but hossan leong? it’s kinda ironic.

and.. i went for the double period chinese. i think i went for so many sessions that the teacher has actually started to think that im supposed to be in her class. haha. thought it’s gonna be yet another movie session but today’s one is on calligraphy. and i think i was the only one who bothered to pay attention to the whole calligraphy video. haha. we were all damn amused by the u noe the logo they show every time they are going to show some education video. it’s so nostalgic. brought us back a lot of our pri sch memories. the one which starts with a white dot in a blue background and then this red strip and this white strip with extend out. u noe wat i’m saying.

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出嫁 演唱:张清芳优客李林

红红的烛火在案头 我的心也照得发烫
红红的双喜映眼中 脸上却挂着泪两行
总会有这么一天 天真的一切都得走远
我不之所措 怎能不教我不心慌

昨天的潇洒少年郎 今天要变成大人样
掩不住嘴角的轻笑 全都是期待和幻想
她长得什么模样 有没有一卷长发
对或错有谁知道 能不能白头到老

我用一生一世的心 等待一生一世的情
也许是宿命 也许是注定
我用一生一世的心 换你一生一世的情

i think the theme for this song is kinda too old for me but i tot the lyrics is very well written. (:

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one more day.


yup. one more day school day. must.en-dure.



and we actually started taking photos during class. bah.

正月初一头一天 家家户户过新年
大街小巷悬灯彩 炮竹响连天
七个隆咚锵咚锵 炮竹响连天

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