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seriously i can only say it would be good if it wasnt a co concert.

we were kinda distracted throughout the performance coz it didnt capture our attention. so the conversation btw the 2 of the us was something like this:


haha. and the other half of time we were like ‘hey, tat double bass guy look like terence..’ ‘hey tat erhu guy look like aikboon..’ ‘hey tat suona guy looks like..’ very distracted lah. wat i can say. but this erhu solo guy called li hai sth is gd. it was only the time we were paying 80% attention.

then saw skw during the interval and then he was saying sth like “在这里竟然会..” to another guy when we walked past him so jasmine suggested that he was saying “在这里竟然会看到自己的学生。真倒霉! hahaha. i tot it was highly amusing for the last 3 words.

then the ending concerto we were far too distracted to listen. so we ended up spotting ppl hu were slping. and then try to curse them to wake up. haha. cheap thrills. coz we really cannot stand the violin guy hu jasmine calls ‘albert einstein’. he was gd lah. but too bad he cant capture our attention.

superhost finals on now. hope leeteng will win. yeah. haha.


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there are some times when u just feel like picking up a guitar, drum sticks, a piano or anything and start learning wat u can do with it.

watch this.


utterly ashamed of being able to only play a recorder.


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watch tv.

several new shows coming up and some already up and i tot they are (and shd be) rather nice.

1. 愛情魔髮師

it’s a new settv show by 183club and one girl from sweety. the story is abt these few hair dresser. it’s more dreamy than the 王子变青蛙, more towards the style of 绿光森林. mingdao’s acting as this super pro hair stylist and yu rong a hooligan.

and the show’s blog.

2. 我的儿子是老大

i think the point of watching the show is for 0.6 though i think many ppl in spore dunno him. anw, he’s the guy in the picture above. and the theme song of the show is called 自恋狂.

总觉得自恋无罪 总觉得不输给谁
长对着镜子陶醉 开心的无法入睡

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coupon counting day.

the kind of sch days we are having now is called the ‘mark attendance school days’. we just wake up early in the morning, dress ourselves up, reach sch and say ‘hi’ to each other before we can head for home. but i dun mind this kind of sch days, at least it doesnt use up my energy.

we actually knew abt the schedule for today : report, count coupons, go home.

or sth like tat. so none of us bought books or notes and prepared ourselves to go town after reporting. the day started off with chapel, disguising itself as yet another normal. and i guess the j1s were conned into thinking there’s really sch today. so normal chapel then followed by this whole chunk of ‘well done acjc on our success!!’ announcement. then mrskeylvenachan came up and talked more abt funorama before the j1s started chanting ‘holiday! holiday!’ so when she finally declared tat we can hav today off, the j1s were rejoicing, leaving the j2s going ‘chey~’ haha. and followed by some murmurs of ‘tuesday holiday~ tuesday holiday~’

then it was coupon counting time. the food stall managed to raise a total of S$3.1K. woa. we are good. but of course there are better ones like sb4 with 16k and scone with 21k. but yah, we small business ppl shall not fight with MNCs. and then PR and his class were so happened to be counting coupons right beside our tables. oh oh. and annchong actually said ‘i think PR likes me. coz he smile to me today.’ eeyer. i heard until all my hair stand. she is seriously hallucinating. to fight with ondine? wait long long. haha. more to be said abt this strange illness of hers later.

so we left sch for town. shopping, no, idling to be exact coz most shops werent open yet. went to bk to eat and sat for some time. then we decided to go taka shop. went to the usual places like library kino. i dun mind kino though but i think ong is sick of books. haha. wanted to actually sit down and read this cai kang yong bk before ong wanted to go.

oh. interuption. we actually saw loomingyaw in taka!! it was super farnee. coz we didnt see him at first then we were walking walking then i spotted him so i went ‘hey! loomingyaw!!’ to catch the attention of ron and ong. then we started acting if we werent shopping tgt and 3 of us went 3 differnt ways. hahaha. it was super farnee. the pathway was like how narrow and three of us wre like lost mice running here and there. and out of no reason loomingyaw turned around and i think he saw us. but nvm, we can shop wah. not tat we pon sch.

oh. and abt annchong’s strange hallucination. so we were in the bus and she started ‘i think gplow likes me. coz she kept calling me last wk.’ hahaha. wat is tat? the thing is dun believe her coz she had once said sHo likes her, once tat PR and now gplow. sooner or later (or maybe she said before but i forgot ) tat TTT likes her. sigh. but one farnee thing though. she said tat there was one time when gplow called her and at tat time she was super high so she picked up the call with ‘hi sexy~’ and gplow went ‘hello?’ hahaha. annchong and her crap.

oh. i saw this super nice neoprint machine in cine which ong claimed ‘i took tat 3 times already..’ okay lah. i noe it’s been a long time since i last took neoprint. out-dated already. but i thought the machine was super cute lah. but need 10bucks. we only had 4 ppl then, and ron didnt wan to take, leaving us 3 ppl, we had to pay $3.30 for the neoprint. how ex.

oh. and jasmine and me were sitting at the bleachers when we went out to slack the day before. then sHo came to us and said sth like ‘come and play leh. 5 dollars only.’ and so suddenly thought of annchong (see, no matter where we are, doing wat, we think of u. are u touched?) and the chalet incident. coz dunno hu went to ask sHo hu he drive with his car and unclejianwei went ‘drive annchong loh.’ hahahaha. we nv got to the bottom of this matter but watever it is, it’s super farnee.

so im back at home. gonna bathe soon to mug for econs essay test tml. urgh. the test really mood-spoiller. it juz keeps bugging me abt how little i noe abt the national income accounting chapter and how i shdnt slack and do sth abt it immediately. and the big chem s test this coming wed. better not flunk or i’ll be out. haiz.

must persevere. coz more interesting stuff are just coming up this thu-sun. ren~

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sth from wanbao.



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rama no more.

i think it’s kinda easy to guess wat’s this post abt. intense preparation started on fri. the day when they took out all the chairs from the hall and j1s had to sit on the floor.

annchong was commenting like ‘this kind of photo also wan to take.’ i like cannot izzit? haha.

DSC00653 DSC00652
and then we went for our mass hair cutting session at a certain not bad salon in spore. the interesting thing abt the trip was the hair stylists. mine looked like terence (ie like a pooh bear, heh paiseh) and talked very softly. then jasmine’s reminded me of andy (one of the mediacorp famous hair stylist) and ong’s was haha. okay, the point is we tot he was lady. very mean hor. sorry.

and then we went on to make our shepherd’s pie.
this is how it is w/o the mass potatoes.

so we made..

and made..

and made..

and made..

and kept..

wah. took us so long to finish all of them.

and our product..
DSC00658 DSC00660
it isnt so nice coz we used cheddar cheese to try. on the day we used mozzarella cheese.

and our baked rice.
nice hor?

gplow’s auntie helped us a lot. thanx!! (:

a picture taken when jasmine and me went out to slack.

and mskeylvenachan was dunk. $2.5k was raised. tat’s 250coupons!!

and jasmine and me each bought an ac bear. i was telling her wat ppl get wat bear. coz my bear the eyes very small and her like goldfish eyes. hahaha. my one nicer~ my one nicer~

my bear!!

and we went round the sch looking at stuff. there’s this rocket shooting game by sHo (first time i see ppl taking it as a game) and there’s actually 4 haunted hses!! and i think the queue was the longest for scone’s. but chong said it was not scary at all. and of course scone’s cafe every yr. we juz went in to listen to the music and went out. heh. then we went to the hub and ate 2sb7’s jumbo sausage and it was super nice!! wanted to try PR’s class ramily burger but the queue was too long so i didnt bother. the hall was quite boring lah. it’s the mall but i think business was quite bad that they had to give the coconuts, pineapples and bread for free in the end. and the cakes and make-a-bears at half price. yah. and we went to disturb and bought a bear from unclejianwei. and went round disturbing other ppl hu were selling. haha.

oh. and i saw lindachang at funorama!! was quite shocked tat she came. anw, her daugther is in 2sdsth.

it rained at abt 4plus yesterday and so business was brought to the indoors like the canteen hub LTs and hall. so we were quite lucky. our food stall was in the canteen. and we sold every thing. yay!!

in btw i saw kaihui, juliana, mel low and ying. and some others hu i shall not mention. haha.

then we stayed back a while to help as coolies to help the teachers carry all the can food and unsold food down to the barber’s and the pw rm. and we saw our gpfs. wow. i miss my gpf!! haha.

juz realised yesterday tat the superhost finals is on 26feb!! i’m not going to be at home on tat day!! how to watch. haiz. hope yunying or leeteng will win. heh.

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

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DSC00642 DSC00647 DSC00646

can u belive it? it’s only one day away from funorama. i finally understood why everyone lurves funorama, coz u juz lurve it!! haha. the whole sch is juz practically spending our sch time on funorma. banner painting, stalls preparations and coupon selling, no one is studying. LTs are all empty, classrms are filled with banners. and i heard from my fren tat so little ppl were in sch for pe that they spent their pe time moving chairs and tables. haha.

and we came to a conclusion that the sports complex kinda looked like a resort with those palm tress and swimming pool.

it was 7plus in the evening and ppl are still in sch.

i guess it’s always the ppl preparing the funfair hu has more fun than those attending.
and juz now we actually spent some time toking to our juniors who are mostly leaving. sigh. anw, i realise they got very gd taste. they like geraldine see and adriano like me!! haha. and they also like chengguang (who i used to like before i shifted my attention to leeteng and yunying). anw, it was very fun toking to them but kinda sad knowing they gonna go. haiz.

and we saw this on a mrt. yah right..

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