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wat is tat?

went down to try jerseys and decide on the design. really quite happy tat we have such farnee jnrs. haha. i dunno. but they animate so much when they tok tat i find wat they are saying super amusing.

so we were talking at the bleachers after we got our jerseys size settled. and i cant rmb why but i was stoning in some direction. and suddenly i was awoken by this commercial.


unable to accept tat jnrs are shouting profanity at top of their lungs (haha) so i was like ‘haiyoh, why are u shouting bad words and some more said it 3 times!!’ hahaha. and i came to realise shirrin and aileen were with them too.

but anw, they werent sprouting profanity. it was a name.


apparently aileen and shirrin wanted to noe what the guy was called and our dear junior couldnt remember his name.

haha. i got a shock too. of all names.


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randoms yet.

just opened and found this strange email from basketball.lifetips. i really cant rmb whether i subscribed to this but only till now tat i realise tat i’ve been receiving frequent mail from them. and i tot the most recent one is gd.

Instead of focusing on your present exhaustion, think about the goal you have in mind – to be a stronger and better athlete. Think about getting stronger and faster and better prepared to dominate in your upcoming games. Remind yourself that the pain is temporary but the strength will make you a better player in the future.

Picture your opponents and imagine yourself outlasting them throughout the long game. Remember that your strength will help you succeed all season long.”

yesh. endure.

so. ann says i must blog abt farnee stuff. seriously nth much happened recently. okay. the most farnee i can rmb shd be the one abt yours, mine and ours. so jasmine, ann and me went to watch the movie on.. i think thursday. the thing abt this is tat there’s this chinese boy with lotsa class is called ‘lau’ in the show. woa.

and annchong bothered to go ask lau abt it. haha. i guess she had nth better to do. and lau didnt noe wat the heck she was tokin abt too.

and of course our weekly disturbance to sHo. coz he has chem prac class beside us every friday. and every single friday we will wave to him during prac lesson. haha. and of course much of it initiated by the chong herself.

played against dear frens from hci on sat. aileen and me didnt even dare show our face when we first reached ccab. haha. coz they were all those ny jnrs we used to see in ny. long lost enemies? haha. and we lost. aiyah. nvm. ac will triumph during nationals. (:

and…. jasmine and me went to ask gplow abt our future choices in uni. so she was suggesting teaching. and so i asked ‘how’s life like teaching?’ and she could only row her eyes. haha. hmm. nvm. i will still consider tat. heh.

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taken from time.com

i tot this wk time’s cover story is kinda interesting.

anw, quoting from time

In Chew’s case, the extra lessons helped to win the admission of her daughter Ying Ting to Nanyang Girls’ High School—one of Singapore’s finest. The 14-year-old now begins her day with a 6 a.m. wake-up call and finishes it at 10 p.m. or later, after several hours of homework and extracurricular activities. What most adults would regard as a long daily slog is entirely unexceptional for Singaporean youth. “I’ve seen people studying till 1 a.m.,” Ying Ting shrugs.

ahhhh. the finest.

seriously i enjoyed my 4 yrs there. honest!!

click here to read more abt.

but i suggest u read this, coz i like this more. at least i tot it was well written.

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so random.

wee~ chem spa is over!! haha. and only when it started tat i realised this is the easiest chem spa ever. really hope it’s gonna pull up the grades for my previous super-screwed-up-no-hope chem spa skill B&C. and dear sHo came in the last 10min? haha. annchong was damn happy lah. can hear her laughing 2 benches away. haha.

3 more papers. and tmr’s chem and econs. think i’ve started to get the gist of money and prices. yeah.

oh. i realised ms sabrina also danced for the finals for star idol. haha. it’s still kinda weird even though we noe she does tat since.. eh. sec4? hmm.

oh. and i read like 1/3 of ‘rich kid smart kid’ while i was shoppin with ong in times today. hey. i guess maybe i’ll not become a millioniare coz i cant imagine myself having the mentality of ‘oh. i’m gonna be real rich some day’ haiz. i guess tat’s bad. i can be rich!! im gonna make big bucks!! haha.

made jasmine watch the korean show im watching now. haha. didnt tell her wat’s the plot really abt. haha. i guess she’s gonna laugh when she realise lah.

oh. and more ppl than i expected are watching da chang jin!! haha. even ppl like me are watching, wat do u think?

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i noe it’s damn weird to just blog abt shows but this is how i spent my hols. haha.

so anw, this show’s called dragon zakura. it’s abt these 6 ppl and they are from this damn bad sch. but this lawyer decided to come and help them get into 东大, i guess it’s the best uni in japan. then every episode something will crop up. it’s a super motivating show, will make u wanna study. u see them study u wanna mug already.

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hah. cant believe that im actually watching korean shows now. i used to be super against korean shows. coz they are boring, stupid, draggy, i dun understand wat the hell ppl are shouting abt, the ppl are not worth looking at, the plot sucks, it’s very auntie to watch korean shows… and the list goes on. haha. and im watching korean show now.

anw, it’s becoz this show is too jap for me to resist. haha. it’s a jap show in diguise!!

건빵선생과 별사탕

anw, these are the 3 main leads. and dun stop watching coz u think they are not gd looking coz i think they are those hu are only gd looking when u look at them for 2 whole episodes or more.

the first guy on the left is this demure art teacher (argh!! he really very very demure.. and very fair. makes my hair stand.) haha. but he’s very nice to the girl in the middle lah.

the middle one is like a bad student in the past who then decides to become a teacher. and i think her character is super comical. haha.

and the guy on the right is this irritating student. but beneath his irritatingness he’s quite nice lah.

haha. shit. i made the show sound horrible. dun care lah. u wan to watch, u watch. dun wan, ur loss. muahahaha.

coz it’s really very nice.


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