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*nerd alert* the following post is only for nerds, all other forms of living will find no interest in this.

was playing with wikipedia when i found this video on googlevideo. it’s this 5min video (it is cartoon) on quantum physics. very interesting, not like the normal quantum physics stuff we see during lectures.

it shocks u on why quantum physics is so shocking. the video’s rather brief and i think anyone even those hu dun take physics can understand the video.


it’s only 5min. and i like the part abt they tried to observe how the electron went thru the double slits and they acted like particles again and when they are not observed they acted like waves.

the full 1hr45min video at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1022317287422673112&q=what+the+bleep&pl=true

all abt wat’s reality and wat’s not. quite cool. more of philosophy rather than science. but the characters are a bit ke siao. the woman kept having dreams on reality and the world.

the website at http://www.whatthebleep.com/

and this is quite interesting too(Schrödinger’s cat) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger%27s_cat

another quantum physics article in layman terms http://www.thekeyboard.org.uk/Quantum%20mechanics.htm

the double slit experiment article in physics world 2002 http://physicsweb.org/articles/world/15/9/1

i already said nerd alert.



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daisy is a collaboration btw hk and korea. the 3 main leads are from korea while the director and a few characters are from hk. watched it just now. and it’s not bad. at least i wasnt very drawn into watching this show becoz of the dumb title, ‘ai wu jian’. it’s like ‘huh? another imitaton of wu jian dao arh?’

but anw it’s not. i cant say it’s very different but it’s not alike too. it’s this love story btw these 3 ppl but not those cry cry cry korean show type. very different, a rather macho love story i can say.

the original title of this movie is actually ‘chu ju’ which is the chinese name of daisy. the story mainly revolve around daises. and they started the movie tellin u tat the meaning of daisy is ‘hidden love’ or sth like tat.

the ending’s quite bad(like wu jian dao). but there’s this scene at the back showing the three of them sheltering from the rain. they dun seem to know each other. and they were busy with their own lives. i guess there’s the perfect ending that everyone hopes to see. but i think it’s like the imagination of the guy.


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My love langauges.

1. Acts of Service–You prefer to show your love through favors and chores and doing things for others. You feel put-upon and unappreciated when your efforts are taken for granted.

2. Words of Affirmation–You need to hear praise to know you are loved and you may also prefer to express your affection verbally. Negative comments cut right to the bone. You want to hear that you’re loved and how much and why.

3.Quality Time–This can be expressed either through those intimate tete-a-tete discussions or via doing things together. It’s possible to get a low score in this category because you have a strong preference for one form of Quality Time over another.

4. Gifts–You are moved by presents and physical tokens of affection. It’s the fact that someone is thinking about you enough to give you something that moves you. The objects are of secondary importance to the relationship and sentiment with which they were intended.

5. Touch–You want to give and/or receive affection physically. This may or may not center around sex.

take test at: http://selectsmart.com/free/select.php?client=lovelanguages

and.. try this game http://crux.baker.edu/cdavis09/roses.html

it’s not bad lah. i took around 10min to solve it. which makes me not a very clever person. haha.

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that day during a lecture ann suddenly commented, “hey. i think the lecture is not really a lecture loh.”

wat she meant was like it wasnt very interacting. we werent learning sth new coz the lecturer was mostly regurgitating the stuff on the notes. and it was like a story telling session. u noe, u have a bk in hand and someone reads it to u. (hey, that’s kidsread!!) haiz. so we actually suggested an idea on the spot.

why dun we make lecture something which we can choose from. not we are appointed the lecturer but we choose a lecturer. like, at the same time we have 4 LTs with different lecturers lecturing the same subject. and we choose hu to go to. now sch’s implementing this card thing which we have to tap to go into the LTs, we just tap at the LT we are going into lah.

it’s like changing a monopoly into perfect competition market. it used to be monopoly coz we have to go to a lecturer. now there’s consumer choice, by the price mechanism, we can actually bring the standard of goods higher and there wont be wastage. haha. becoz of the new competition, lecturers will like try to make lectures more interacting.

it will add burden to the lecturer lah. but then why dun we change it to one lecturer just have to lecture once for that topic that day (unlike now where lecturers have to repeat for a diff lecture grp). the reduced burden will cancel off the increase right?

but i doubt this will come true lah. coz the adults will think: kids will always be kids, they wont hold responsibility for their learning. right?

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maybe we are really that bad. or maybe we are not. i dunno. coz in this sch no one shows (and no one would wan to) show that they are willing to work hard for their academic work.

but i guess all of us are actually much better than how ppl see us. as in our attitude.

that’s titanic over there.

i suck at this. argh. haha.

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i say..


isnt it sad that some do this without knowing? hah.

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But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? — Carpe — hear it? — Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.

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