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as our usual routine, my dad and i were sitting right in front of the tv when 10 o’clock striked. coz it was time for dang chang jin again. haha. my sis dun watch coz she thinks it’s too auntie and my mum didnt bother to watch all the way from the start, so as the show now approaches it’s 60th episode, it’s only down to my dad and i to watch.

and out of random my dad actually commented at the last 10min of the show,(the part where jin ying was tellin the min zheng hao she likes him and stuff)

“i think the shuai ge (okay, that’s wat my dad calls ji jin hee, haha.) looks like takeshi kaneshiro.”

hahaha. to my dad, takeshi kaneshiro is the handsomest of the handsome men in this world. so i guess to him, ji jin hee is really gd lookin. woa. and he commented that he should try growin some hair around his chin area so he will look like him. hahaha.

and becoz of dang chang jin i think he became the most auntie of the family. he actually went to take my i-weekly and read thru the whole sypnosis part for dang chang jin. haha. i mean i dun do that too. it’s really very wordy, and he bothers to do that.

my dad watches the show for chang jin and his shuai ge.

i watch becoz i have strong opinions abt chang jin’s character and to watch for the day when the baddies finally get wat they deserve.

my mum watch for the food but since they stop cookin she gave up watching too.

and my sis had never watch a single episode of it.

my dad thinks that chang jin is a perfectionist.

but i think chang jin is… an outcast.

i mean okay lah, she’s determined to help her love ones. that she wants revenge and all that. but did u realise everytime she goes to somewhere new, everyone just hates her? then slowly, ppl see that she has a good heart blahblahblah.

she has a good character but she dunno how to mix with ppl. hmm. that’s how i feel. and sometimes i really dun understand why the min zheng hao supports her so much. until it’s like spoiling her.

i like zhang de. coz she’s cool. hahaha.

but i like lee dong gun more. and im influencing my sis to like him. so everyday she has to sit down and watch stained glass monday to friday and to watch xin niang 18 sui every monday and tuesday. heh.


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today’s officially the first day of june hols.

hais. sometimes the world is so unfair i feel like… putting everything into place (if only i had the ability) but before that day comes i can only tolerate and maybe curse under my breath. urgh. tmd.

my last ever june hols and so im planning to do everything that makes jun hols so special. like.. wasting time. haha. and on this faithful day, we celebrated yueyun’s burfday. when her burfday was like 3wks ago? we made her the personalised file. we pasted our pictures, put in post-it notes and this tiny tote bag (really tiny one) on the inside of the file. and then put on this cloth for the file made of the material for dolls stuffing. like how felicia put it, it was ex but it looked like nth. i guess so. i need ideas!! and we ate the choc traffle at the i-cant-rmb-name-place-in-cine-2nd-floor place. nice.

we were tokin abt arts students and science students in our sch when ying had to insist she was an arts student. her original combi was chem maths physics and chinese. i mean isnt it like ours only that we chose econs and not chinese.

and we are science students.

so we concluded that she’s an ‘arts poser’. haha. everyone seem to be envious of the arts students in sch. the way how they handled gp and all those essay writing subjects so well. and at the same time can go party and still score well. haha. but in felicia’s sch, the arts students are ostracised. kinda like the geppers in ny.

but it’s kinda cool to find another person who has a general keen interest in eusoff hall. though ann’s idea of ‘prince george is the newest hall with built in toilets!!‘ is already swaying my tots. haha. wait. it’s not that they are gonna accept me into the sch. i still need to study.

and it’s kinda weird when u see everyone around u aiming for nus. when there are so many negative feedbacks abt nus around us. hmm.

still rmb the days when we had to choose our jc and no one wanted nj becoz it was too nerdy. but nevertheless there were ppl who chose nj.

and then we had dinner at food republic. it was like an economical marche. it was like a food court but food courts are pale in comparison. we had hokkein mee (i’ve been thinkin of that since chem lecture 4/5 days ago!?) wu xiang, bee hoon, chicken wings, satay, mango pudding, honeydew sago and ice kachang with a mere 25bucks all tgt!! haha. it was only a stingray away from a perfect meal.

and it was co crowded i think everyone there had to wait for a seat. and so this lady was waiting for our seat when we almost finished our hokkein mee and wu xiang and stuff lah. but before tat we already put 6bucks away to get desserts after the meal. so the lasy was like standing beside our table while acting as though she wasnt watching us.

and yueting and me went to get our bowls of ice kachang, mango pudding and honeydew sago. i guess the lady must be so damn gek when she saw us comin back with 3 more bowls of food. and she continued to wait.

and u noe in food republic. there are women who go round with trolleys full of dim sum and drinks. so ying seeing the woman waiting, she was like ‘hey. let’s buy some dim sum and the i think the woman will be so gek.’ haha.

it was before i ran down to meet jasmine coz we were really late for restless. took 171 down and we were like running all the way into barker to only realise that it haven started. it was okay lah. very raj. but too raj.

and then we took 67 home. ahhh. the 67 smell. it’s this kind of metal bus smell. haha.

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the wave.

oh no. the k-bug is infesting me. boo. i actually betrayed myself and started oggling at korean guys(and girls too actually). ever since ch u started importing korean dramas, i’ve been boycotting them coz 1: they were usually associated with aunties (think bae yong jun) and 2: the korean actors and actresses are quite ugly. and i actually fell asleep watchin qiu tian de tong hua, when everyone else tot it was nice lah.

so i told never in my life im gonna watch korean shows. first the bing gan lao shi, then da chang jin and now xin niang 18 sui!? oh no. and i bothered to know that who’s lee dong gun’s girlfriend and that ji jin hee is married. hais.

this is bad. shall get this whole korean drama thing off my head.

and i guess it’s not hard to guess who im rooting for in the coming world cup.

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nus business sch ad. i guess they dun show this on spore tv? but the ad’s super cute, esp the end part when the brother went ‘that’s not very far wah~’ haha.

another nus business sch ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeqkQraNO7w

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shokuyou wa sageshi da.

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ella got new show!! haha. but as u can see the show’s kinda weird.

she’s acting as this girl who fell in love with this guy who is in a guy’s sch. so she went to pose as a guy to enter the sch. yah. the plot’s kinda weird. like qiang wei. but qiang wei is nice!!

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