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decided to reduce my lemon.melon back to just one.

and to add one more person to my list of idols.

come. let’s all now kneel down to ke-tou to my new idol.



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the s lesson.

it was freezing during chem s lesson today when i tot of this:

physics s requires some basic knowledge, some thinking and a whole lot of abilitypatience to differentiate(integrate) a whole long chain of greek letters and to simplify an equation that is so long that needs two lines to finish writing.

while chem s requires some common sense, some tenacity and a whole lot of creativity to throw in some chemical on the left side of the equation and some other on the right and argue ur way through that this will actually work.


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常常我觉得国人打扮时很像在包礼物。深色的衣就要配浅色的裤,深裤配浅衣 — 很规矩。球鞋看起来都是新新的,没有个性。新衣,新裤,新鞋,看起来硬邦邦的,像是包好的礼物。嗨~


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meme from ann.

1. Do the following WITHOUT complains
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours
3. Leave a tag on the person’s tagboard to say he/she have been tagged
4. Start your post with “I have been tagged!” then do this.

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED BY: ann chong. hais. haha.


favourite colour: white black maroon yellow lime green. sorry. there are too many colours that i like. heh.

favourite food: wonton mee esp with fried wonton.

favourite song: majulah singapura.

favourite day of the week: fri!! cos it’s the day when i am most relaxed!! i dun give a heck to hw on that day.

favourite season: spring. not too cold not too hot.


current mood: happy. cos i didnt get to use the computer yday.

current taste: yong tau fu store curry

current clothes: nanyang pe tee fbt shorts

current desktop: king and the clown wallpaper.

current toenail: erm. short?

current time: 8.44pm

current surroundings: fan, tv, bed, window.

current annoyances: i cant get food chem into my head!! too many things, too little time.

current thoughts: i need time!!


first best friends: my neighbours. eh. a boy and a girl but i can only rmb their mother’s name: ah lan auntie.

first crush: the green pig.

first movie: casper:the movie .

first lie: i think is the time i cut my finger with a blade but i bluff my mother i got cut by a pencil sharpener.

first music: i cant really rmb. but i used to listen to xiao2 xiong2 qing3 ke4. u listen to it too? i noe it rawk. im serious.


last cigarette: i didnt start in the first place.

last drink: some melon soup

last crush: wat’s last? the previous one or the current one? haha.

last movie: king and the clown!!

last phone call: jasmine. cos jasmine and ong abandoned me in sch.

Have you ever

have you ever dated your best friend: um. no. i came from an all girls sch!!

have you ever broken the law: i drank before i was 18. is this counted?

have you ever been arrested: nope. haha. i guess i wont be sitting here if i ever was.

have you ever skinny-dipped: nah.

have you ever been on tv: yes!!! felicia debbie and me were one of the few judges on quan ming ou xiang.

5 things you are wearing: specs. shorts. nanyang tee. um. is that 5?

4 things you done today: went for chem s lesson. eavesdrop. sat at the bleachers. ate chicken biscuit. responded ‘huh?’ to a person who called my full name.

3 things you can hear right now: my dad’s washing the plates. sound from tv. ‘fei ni mo shu’ by lin yi chen from my itunes.

1 thing you do when you are bored: play computer!!

*5 people to tag?
yueting. shiduan. jialing. yue yun. brenda.

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i tot this is one interesting flash.


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1 day down.

1 more day to sch reopen.

and i haven done a piece single of assignment. sigh. i guess im not gonna do any since i dun think i can do much in one day. hais. maybe gp. jus gp.

korea did not manage to get a place in the round of 16. hais. but now i can really get down to study coz i dun think im gonna care abt the rest of the world cup maybe till finals.

and today while i was on the train i heard this guy nxt to me tokin to his friend, “hais. very sad leh.”

and at the same time i was sms-in felicia abt korea 2-0 loss to the swiss.

“korea blah blah.. injustice lah.. korea blah blah.”

haha. so the 2 guys were on the same topic as me and felicia.

and now to look at the food chem booklet i cant believe how much information we have to get into our heads. who in the world bothers to noe that baker’s yeast is actually called saccharomyces cerevisiae and the one million and one kinds of sugar. glucose fructose sucrose maltose lactose raffinose stachyose wth. they dun even make sense to me.

but i tot it would be quite impressive if we can rattle on and on abt vitamin A and the result of deficiency like chang jin.


fighting!! (it seems like gambatte is long and over.)

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the time now is 6.09am and i can only say,

shit lah!


red is indeed the lucky colour.


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