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If you’re not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?
If you’re not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way?
If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call
If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all


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in a super good mood today. haha. maybe it’s becos there’s a whole full page of takeshi kaneshiro in today’s straits times. maybe becos we could skip chem lecture becos of photo-takin. maybe becos im listening to danielbedingfield’s if you’re not the one. haha. but nvm. im in damn good mood today lah!! haha.


this thing suddenly appeared this morning on the door that we have to pass everyday to get to our classrm. i tot the watever’s written here is quite interesting. in case u are chineselangly-handicapped, it says

‘if you feel that there are difficulties ,
it’s becos u are inadequate.
if you feel that there are troubles,
it’s becos ur method is wrong.’

but it’s still kinda weird that this thing suddenly pops up in sch. um. and the rest of the sistergang dun think this is interesting at all. haha.


and we had our RE-taking of our class photo becos of the ‘F U C K’ incident. but at least we got to skip some lectures. but this time the class photo looks much much more boring. everybody jus stood straight and had the hands by our sides. hais. the first one was much better.


and we went on to take more photos since we were rather free. haha.


took this during gp. haha. i think i look extremely weird here lah.


econs!! hais.

as part of our SGC (school graduating cert) we have to write a paragraph on wat we did in our cca, one for cip and a few for PQ(personal qualities). hais. and to think it, last time in ny we had the luxury of havin our form teacher to write for us. haha. so when i was thinkin of wat to write so that i can sound like a good student, i decided to consult the testi that ms rashidah wrote. and woa, she wrote damn well lah. actually i didnt really read thru carefully when i got it in sec4. now to read thru again, she really put in a lot of effort to write for us leh. woa.

i can never write as well lah. she really described as who i am. better than how i noe of myself. woa.

and msrashidah said that i was an unassuming student. i like that word. it sounds…



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my fav episode is this one lah.

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from http://wuyucomics.spaces.msn.com/

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my kitchen toilet has a beehive. okay. it’s jus a small one and my dad jus removed but it’s still damn scary lah. 3 faithful afternoons ago while i was, of course, in the toilet. this huge bee (i presume the queen one) was staring straight at my face while i was um doing my business.

wah piang. so i was like ‘mei~~ got bee got bee!! come and save me!!’
and she replied so calmly ‘u jus come out lah.’
the huge bee was right in the middle of the path out of toilet. how am i going to go past her without her knowing? but anyway, i managed to sneak pass her and ran far far away from the kitchen.

hais. can u feel the impending doom? of D-day. and i actually wasted today. piak!! i deserve a slap lah. eat. watch tv. sleep. play computer. i didnt study!! how can i? my macro is super screwed up. i dunno how im gonna pass econs lah. and to think i wanna go into FASS. and to fail my only arts subj. hais.

watched the replay of SI. haha. support jay and jonathan k?

and an interesting fact abt jay lim. his chinese name is actually lin junjie. omg. haha. jay lim junjie. it’s like huh? so is it jay or is it jj u are tokin abt here? but he sings damn well lah. jonleong too. so support them. okay. at least till asian pop. i wanna hear them sing chinese songs!!

physics mock paper3 today. haha. ong was 1.5hr ahead of time. i was 1 and jasmine 0.5hr ahead. um. u can see the standard of the mock here? so wat’s the point of havin a mock when the standard is like so so so much lower. but still. i can see i still have much of basics to work on. esp on magnetic flux and waves. i suck at those.

had lunch at mos with jasmine and ong. haha. so it was mos-supporters jasmine and me against mos-non-supporter ong. haha. and of course shopped around in causeway point before heading home. lah.

can i not study? pleeeaaassseeeee~

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on the art of skipping pe.


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this is a scene from episode 23. haha.



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