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我送你离开 千里之外 你无声黑白
沉默年代 或许不该 太遥远的相爱
我送你离开 天涯之外 你是否还在
琴声何来 生死难猜 用一生 去等待

fei yu qing’s kinda cool. haha. though he keeps crackin horny jokes on tv.
serious. and my father says he’s been doing tat since ages ago.


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brand new.

ahhh… damn good. watch the mv, it’s not as clear but the formation is damn nice.

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ahahaha. this is super funny. taken from my lovely samsoon.

1. good men are ugly looking
2. cute guys have lousy characters
3. cute guys with good characters are married
4. cute guys with good character, are single, are poor
5. cute guys with good character, are single, are rich, are not interested in us
6. cute guys with good character, are single, are rich, are interested in us, are players
7. cute guys with good character, are single, are rich, are interested in us, are not players, are gay

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a harmless podcast.


this is damn bad. haha.

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i noe i am a jerk if i say this. but… my prelims are (almost) over!!! haha. 1 last paper. chem paper 1 and i doubt anyone in the sch is gonna study for tat. haha. phew. 2wks of torture lah.

and now to think tat it’s over i feel damn weird. i didnt finish the syllabus for any subject. so i tot i shd have done more. play less computer and spent more time on my work. hais. i better finish studying the syllabus for As.

lalala. but now it’s play!! samsoon!!!

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wat’s the point.

i dunno why but youtube can bring out one’s patriotism. haha. im serious. everytime i go watch a video then u can see from the comments that ppl are scolding each other on youtube. the kimchis laugh at the sushis that they cannot play soccer. the sushis say the kimchis are barbaric. and the arirangs say that the nanuwas copycats. hais. while the merlions jus stand on the other side of the river and watch the fire. haha.

and shinhwa was comin so i was thinkin maybe i can go see some of their videos. and realised that shinhwa has one song ‘hey come on’ which is the energy’s come on. and the fans of shinhwa on youtube were like ‘ugly boyband!!’ ‘copy shinhwa!!’

um. are u crazy? wat’s there to be angry of?


found a video of the game that i play now. i dunno how to explain it. so watch lah.

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