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aiyoh~ so cute~ haha. can u believe it. im actually collecting capsules. haha. mustbe bad influence from yueting.

check out all the wanroom’s characters here.


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not a fan of them. hmm. maybe not yet. but i tot these are quite nice!! haha.

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technology do advance quickly.

actually i dun really like to check my emails becos most of the time it would be either junk mail or something irritating. like ‘u have yet to continue ur time mag subscription’ those sort of thing. so i actually check my mails like once a wk.

and so while i was lookin thru my mails i found this mail under junk mail. an email from sony on the new walkman phone W850i. omg. i think this is like the first walkman phone tat i truly want. it’s so so so nice. then for sony members u get to pre-order it for 700bucks plus. omg. if i have the cash i’ll go buy it now. it’s like so tempting. first a cybershot phone and now a black slide walkman phone. gosh. i need money. haha.

so of course i went to google the phone and see wat i found. W950i which i guess has yet to be released in spore.

it’s so so so nice!! haha. it’s a slim 3G phone. it’s like a total hit lah. it has a great music player and it’s touchpad somemore. the only miss i think shd be tat it doesnt have a camera. if SE really bothers to make a phone as gd as this and still have s cybershot phone i’ll go buy it. i’ll go work watsoever haha to get myself the phone. ahhhh.

okay. it’s gd enough without the camera. ahh. i wan this phone!!!

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Guess what’s on wanbao tonight. omg. when everyone’s tryin hard to keep it under wraps.

will update with pictures later.

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hah. i knew it. sooner or later someone is gonna start using the ‘ringtone that adults can’t hear

and true enough, while i was on the train home jus now, someone on the same train was really using it as his/her ringtone. at first i tot it was the sound of some gas tank leaking. haha. but it wasnt a constant high pictch sound. it sounded every now and then and each time around the same duration. i bet it’s the ringtone lah. it sounded as though the train was scratchin against sth and was producing the sound u usually hear when ppl scratch their nails on the blackboard.

apparently the aunties and uncles around me couldnt hear.


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carl’s junior.


jus when i tot this is some car/car wash/detergent/swimming costume/shower foam ad.

wah. damn sick.

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isnt that isnt that..

ms sabrina?

jus when i tot the new dove girl looks super familiar. haha. go check out the new dove girls at ur nearest ntuc now!!

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