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from wikipedia.

ie7 have been out for some time already right? haha. i only installed it um a while ago. haha. cos my avg was going to expire so i tot i might as well update all the stuff in my comp. those antispyware programmes since im rather free now.

and i realised, there’s ie7. already. haha. since half a yr ago i already gave up on ie6. cos it looks very crammed, and all the security issues. so i switched to mozilla. tabbed browsing ah. better security ah. and of course my fav, extensions and themes.

get a shock at ie7 if u have always been an ie user. but not so much if u are a mozilla user. ie now is much cleaner. optimising around 90% of ur screen space. there’s tabbed browsing. and add-ons. but no themes. sigh.

it kinda came as a surprise lah. cos im not really hoping much out of ie7. but yup. surpass my expectations.

so maybe u can try it too. download from microsoft website.

(cleartype is supposed to make the words look clearer right? why does my fonts now look blurrer instead? haha. i went to tune it already. still liddat. maybe i need to get used to it. hmm.)


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