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hana hana (‘hana’ as in ‘yah lah’ not flowers) im watching the anime which i commented was damn gay. haha. turn out to be not tat gay actually. cos one of the guys is actually a girl (um, so expected.) and that it’s actually a very drama like animation.

each episode is 30min and there’s only 26 episodes i think. each episode deals with one new problem (like a normal jap drama) and it’s actually not like those cheesy japanese animation. quite interesting. watch it if u are bored lah.


and in case u cant wait for the new ella show, u can actually start reading the comic bk. it has 23 bks and i think u can buy it from all comic bk shop here. i only read like 10pages from the bk. cos wasnt really in the mood the read.

or u can read it from here:


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my boss my hero2

haha. im tokin abt my show again.

today’s abt this strange craze in the sch. in their sch they have this store tat sells only pudding. and everyone thinks tat the pudding taste very very nice. but everyday, the guy will only make 12 and when recess comes at 12, the whole sch will run down to get it.

and then everyone will start warmin up even before recess starts to run down to the canteen.

and so the main guy also wan to try the pudding. but their classrm is the farthest from the canteen. so his fren tot of a plan. which was to fly across the building. haha. and he calculated with projectile motion the angle and speed he has to travel to fly across. hahaha.

so they took the sch flag and made it into a cape.

and he really flew across.

haha. and of course he got his pudding lah.

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my boss my hero.

im watching a few jap shows now but i tot this one is very farnee. it’s very farnee in the stupid way but dun really put u off too. it’s by Nagase Tomoya from Tokio (or if u noe him as the ayumi boyfriend, he acted in the mukodono, the show which he acted a superstar who looks cool onstage but quite gong offstage. haha.) and tegoshi from NEWS.

it’s a rather new show, not very very new though cos it has recently finished airing, but im jus startin on the first episode.

nagase is acting as this son of the triad boss. but he’s damn stupid. at the very starting when he was closin a deal with this hk triad boss he didnt noe whether 35 is more than or less than 27. so his father decided to send him to a high sch to study.

in episode1, there’s this part with his bio teacher(his bio teacher wears a white coat? haha.)

his teacher spotted him.

so he was like ‘u better not ask me any question’

haha. very stupid lah. but still quite farnee. then there were scenes of him studyin. the stuff they learn looks kinda similar to ours.

the physics looks like projectile motion and the maths is trigo!! haha.

this looks like differentiation.

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