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there’s a chem mcq paper later at 230pm but im totally not in the mood the exam lah. it’s like as if As is over!! haha. i dunno. i spent the whole of yday playing, thinkin tat this whole irritating thing is over. haiyo. must celebrate today!! okay lah. there’s s paper. but heck lah. shall think abt it again when nxt wk comes. yay.

so now my aim in life is to look forward to the aeroplane show. last time it used to be lookin forward to wkends for the computer show and now it’s everyday for the aeroplane show!! haha.

so my favourite characters are the tong family. haha. the sam issac phillips and mother(wat’s her name? haha.) they are damn farnee lah. in yday ep, issac demanded for 21 presents becos his father did not give him any for his 21yrs in life, so his dad got him those capsule machine cos inside got 21 diff kinds of capsules. haha. damn dumb.

and tat day when i saw aileen i was like ‘aileen~ u got watch the aeroplane show? (excitedly)’ and aileen’s ans was ‘a bit lah. not very nice like tat.’ haha. then she continued, ‘so u like the good looking one or the nerdy one? aiyah. i bet u like the nerdy one.’ sigh. haha.

okay lah. sam is like the typical Law By Law (LBL) kind of guy tat jasmine hates. haha. he’s quite LBL lah. when he drives, he drives slowly cos it’s safer tat day. he’s always early for work, then everytime the rest of the tong family joke he will say sth very practical lah. haha. and issac is totally opp. but tat’s why it makes the two of them so farnee.

anw, sam is acted by francis ng, issac by ron ng and philips by Shek Sau(石修).


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