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hana hana (‘hana’ as in ‘yah lah’ not flowers) im watching the anime which i commented was damn gay. haha. turn out to be not tat gay actually. cos one of the guys is actually a girl (um, so expected.) and that it’s actually a very drama like animation.

each episode is 30min and there’s only 26 episodes i think. each episode deals with one new problem (like a normal jap drama) and it’s actually not like those cheesy japanese animation. quite interesting. watch it if u are bored lah.


and in case u cant wait for the new ella show, u can actually start reading the comic bk. it has 23 bks and i think u can buy it from all comic bk shop here. i only read like 10pages from the bk. cos wasnt really in the mood the read.

or u can read it from here:


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and u see Ella. and 吳尊. and 大東. and 唐禹哲. and 阮經天. and 呱呱. and JJ.

omg. yet another reason to look forward to end of As. starting 26nov. 19nov.

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