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the Departed.

im still a fan of the original one. i agree with the review on i-weekly; the departed is much more realistic, much more brutal. but i prefer the cleverer plot of IA.


first, i prefer anathony wong’s character to Martin Sheen’s. cos in IA, anathony wong was more than a boss to yan. he’s like a friend to him and his death actually had quite a big impact on yan and of course a big shock to the audience. but in the departed, queenan is like his boss only, if not a very friendly boss. but his death didnt really have an impact. and somemore there was the Dignam guy. so it wasnt tat bad for leo when queenan died. there was someone else who knew he was an undercover cop.

second, eric tsang is so so so much more 溅 than frank costello. serious. haha. costella is brutal, but eric tsang is…. 溅.

third, the death scene. didnt have the impact lah. the hk u can actually sense that the movie was comin to an end when the scene came. somehow, u could feel tat someone will die, only whether it was the good one or the bad one. the leo and matt scene looks a little… boring. like ‘maybe this isnt the climax’ tat kind of feelin.

and there’s no 傻强!!

but i like the character development of leo, which wasnt really shown in IA for tony leung. and the story made much more sense. i didnt really pity tony leung in IA cos he didnt really looked tat scared. but leo really looked like he was tramutised and he was afraid for his life. matt is.. um. i like andy lau better.

anw, took this from IMDb:

The word “fuck” and its derivatives are said 237 times throughout the film.

omg. haha. that’s why it’s M18.


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Battle Royale.

finished watching this movie this morning. woke up this morning planning to really start with my revision (it’s only 5 days left!!) but sigh, i couldnt resist temptation and switched on my comp to watch this.

dont be fooled by the title and to think that this is some nazi/maozhedong history movie. this is a japanese movie actually abt this grp of students in modern japan.

this movie actually starts off tellin us to imagine japan in a very diferent situation. the police didnt have much power, the unemployment rate was high at 15% and students boycott school. so to solve this problem of delinquency, the adults came out with this Battle Royale (BR) law which each yr they will send a class onto this island and make them kill each other. for each game, there can only be one survivor and if there is more than one, everybody will die.

so it is more or less a do or die game. u wan to live u have to kill. this movie was released in dec 2000 and was initially banned in spore and many other countries. firstly becos it was jus too much gore and secondly the theme is quite morally incorrect. but after cutting, it was given a R(A) rating and recently an uncut version was released under the R21 category. but jasminelee watched this when she was in sec2. tsk tsk. haha.

i was quite put off by the gruesome scenes in the first 10min and i actually wanted to puke. so of course i stopped watching and managed to pursue jasmine into watching the show for the 2nd time. haha. and she tot the show was not bad, so i was very tempted to have a second go at watching the movie.

but it was worth it. i actually used my hands to cover my eyes at the gruesome scenes but i paid attention at rest lah. and guess wat, i think it’s a really good movie. i like the themes that were explored. like thrust and friendship and how all of these will collapse so easily under pressure. overall, though ironically, it was a very hopeful movie. throughout the movies, the students had hope that they could survive. a few went crazy mumblin maths equation, some committed suicide but a large majority held on tgt and felt that they could overpower this game and the adults who created it.

not bad. but my favourite movie is still infernal affairs. much neater. less gore (i will puke lor) and very beautifully weaved. but still, worth ur time.

point to note: the protagonist, nanahara shuuya, is the death note guy in the DN movie. raito to be exact. at first i actually didnt really like him as raito. but as nanahara, he’s actually quite likeable. haha.

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DN anime.

i think quite a lot of ppl commented tat the raito in the Death Note (DN) movie has a rather round lookin (infer: not very clever lookin) face. though i think he looks kinda like arashi’s ohno. with an even rounder face.

the guy on the right is ohno from arashi.

of course there are people who suggested yamap and matsu jun for the role of raito.
yamap as light and matsu jun for L. yup.

and somehow L looks like an otaku to me. um so. if the movie was made into a SP maybe i’ll still like. but movie? eh. expected more lah. but the more i think it’s not very gd, the more i feel like watching part2. haha.

so anw, if u are like me, disappointed by the movie. fret not. cos the anime is here.

it’s still airing in japan. but u can watch it on youtube. i think most of them uploaded till episode 3 now.


cos there are times in the comic bk tat becomes a little too taxing. like too much words till it’s like almost a novel already. esp like in bk 11 where near and raito are like tokin in codes to one another. so maybe the cartoon will make it less taxing to consume.

and to sidetrack. i cant rmb who, but someone once introduced me to this very violent japanese movie. where students and teachers are on this island and plot to kill each other to win. it was a very controverial movie and the title is Battle Royale. sorry i cant rmb who told me abt this. but listen, u noe one of the main guy with a rather round face. he is the guy who acts as raito.

yup. this is him in tat show.

now i feel like watchin tat violent movie. maybe after As? lend me the vcd. (:

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