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The late late show.

omg. this is damn funny.


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from wikipedia.

ie7 have been out for some time already right? haha. i only installed it um a while ago. haha. cos my avg was going to expire so i tot i might as well update all the stuff in my comp. those antispyware programmes since im rather free now.

and i realised, there’s ie7. already. haha. since half a yr ago i already gave up on ie6. cos it looks very crammed, and all the security issues. so i switched to mozilla. tabbed browsing ah. better security ah. and of course my fav, extensions and themes.

get a shock at ie7 if u have always been an ie user. but not so much if u are a mozilla user. ie now is much cleaner. optimising around 90% of ur screen space. there’s tabbed browsing. and add-ons. but no themes. sigh.

it kinda came as a surprise lah. cos im not really hoping much out of ie7. but yup. surpass my expectations.

so maybe u can try it too. download from microsoft website.

(cleartype is supposed to make the words look clearer right? why does my fonts now look blurrer instead? haha. i went to tune it already. still liddat. maybe i need to get used to it. hmm.)

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vista oops.

haha. watch this. too.

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i tot this ad is surprisingly interesting. watch it(:

and if u are interested to see a zune in action, check out this video on the wireless song transfer of zune.

and wii is one interesting um, toy? haha. check out the ad.

“Would you like to play?”

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today while i was playin audition, i found this interesting npc rm. haha. look at the word above in blue (blue indicating it’s an npc rm)

Battle Royale

haha. omg. cos normally ppl would name their npc rm very lousily, like ‘kill the npc’ or ‘npc battle for $$$’ or ‘i wan $$$’. battle royale. nice one.

in case u are still clueless abt the movie battle royale, check out this site or the entry at wikipedia.

nanahara!! haha.

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audition china.

u noe the online game audition, where u jus spend ur time pressing arrows. haha. there’s this part of audition where u can have npc battle. and npc is jus the computer. so a grp of 5 of u, u are supposed to beat the npc by havin higher points than him/her. the npc in audition sea all have very um. boring names.

this guy’s called jean.

but check out the npc in audition china.


dont u feel like playin with rain? or jay? or lee hom? or show? hahaha.

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actually it’s been some time since i went to maggiemarket. but anw, there’s 3 new games. check it out. haha.

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